Fizik’s Terra off-road shoe line-up got a gravel performance boost last year in the X5, but these new X2s now bring Terra back to the trail with a more walkable sole and three different shoes for four seasons of mountain biking.

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

The new Terra X2 all-mountain bike shoe range is made up of three different upper designs on the same X2 outsole platform, to tackle trail riding in any conditions. The Terra Ergolace X2 is the most conventional looking with a low-cut, lace-up upper. The Terra Clima X2 takes it one step further with a waterproof design & extended sock cuff to keep mud & water out. Then, the Terra Artica X2 goes extreme with even more protected, water & winterproof construction and the insulation to keep you riding in the depths of cold winters.

Fizik Terra X2 Outsole

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

All three shoes share the same X2 outsole, balancing on-the-bike pedaling performance via a reinforced nylon shank (a low 3 stiffness rating) for use with large platform clipless pedals and off-bike walkability for the inevitable footdown & hike-a-bike. Their midsole offers compressed EVA foam for impact cushioning. And the sole itself features simple but durable Vibram Megagrip rubber tread lugs for grip in loose & wet conditions. The cleat track is also longer than normal on a MTB shoe, so riders have more flexibility of positioning the pedal under their foot for optimal pedaling.

Terra Ergolace X2 – lightweight & protective

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoesThe idea of the most conventional of the range – the Terra Ergolace X2 – was to build a lightweight trail shoe that could withstand all-day all-mountain to enduro riding abuse on clipless pedals. It gets a flexible ripstop nylon upper and a relatively normal laces for secure fit.

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

But even then, the cut of the shoe is completely asymmetrical, both to better fit the form of your foot, and to provide a smooth inner edge of the shoe where the lacing & upper were protected from the crankset & bike’s drivetrain.

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

Unlike many all-mountain or gravity shoes, Fizik worked to create a less bulky shape for the Terra X2 shoes that more closely follows the contour of the foot (like an XC shoe) but with added layering of protection from rocks & trail debris.

Of course, these are trail shoes, so toe & heels get rubber & polyurethane protection elements to keep the shoes from getting too scraped up, as well as keeping mud & water out.

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

The 120€ Terra Ergolace X2 weighs a claimed 329g per shoe, and are available in half sizes 37-47, plus 36 & 48. The Ergolace come in all black, anthracite gray & grape purple, olive green & caramel brown, and teal blue & black. They are also available now.

Terra Clima X2 – waterproof & 3-season breathability

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoesStarting to get a bit wilder in looks, the Terra Clima X2 is the more capable 3-season version (not hot summers) thanks to a waterproofing & high integrated sock cuff. Made especially to ride in cold, wet & muddy weather, the Clima gets a similar ripstop fabric that makes up the basis of the upper, but then uses a single BOA L6 dial loop and one velcro strap.

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

Again this is an all-mountain shoe meant to be shredded, so it gets plenty of heel & toe reinforcement, and a similar asymmetric design with a completely smooth surface facing inward towards the crank arm & drivetrain.

The integrated cuff or gaiter is made of a knitted synthetic fabric to make it easy to get in and out, but with a close sock-like feel that keeps mud & rocks out, worn over your normal taller socks. Fizik targets these wet weather Terra X2 shoes at mountain bikers, but other adventurous riders (even on gravel) could benefit from a walkable shoe for foul weather trips.

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

The waterproof & breathable Terra Clima X2 weighs a claimed 414g per shoe, again available in half sizes 37-47, plus 36 & 48. The Clima will soon be available at least in all black and the same olive green & caramel brown, with pricing not yet official.

Terra Artica X2 – winter insulated & waterproof

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

Lastly, with a more conventional seeming winter cycling shoe design, the Terra Artica X2 hardens up the overall fabrics for a totally insulated and waterproof construction.

The Artica is still billed as being light & breathable thanks to the eVent waterproof membrane, but with a fleece insulated liner, this is a cycling boot for when the mercury drops and the trails get wet & nasty.

Fizik Terra X2 all-season all-mountain bike shoes

The asymmetric upper is still ripstop, plus a neoprene cuff with a waterproof zipper to make them easy on & off, and more extensive laminated polyurethane protection all around the shoe. And fit is simplified again, with a single BOA L6 dial closure and a wide fit range so you can vary sock thickness depending on the weather.

The 280€ Terra Artica X2 weighs just 438g per shoe, with half sizes 37-47, plus 36 & 48. The Artica comes only in all black, and is also available now.


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