Want a fast, light weight bicycle but don’t want to pay a lot? Then a fitness hybrid may be a good place to start. Take a hybrid bike with 700c wheels and ditch all the heavy parts like a suspension fork, and you’re left with something lighter, more efficient, and usually fairly affordable. That’s where bikes like the new Batch Fitness Bicycle come in.

Batch Bicycles whips up an affordable new Fitness hybrid

Priced at $399.99, the Fitness Bicycle is within reach of a lot of riders but still offers a decent mix of parts to provide a quality ride. The 6061 aluminum frame is offered in three sizes – 16″, 18″, and 20″, all with 700c x 35mm tires. A rigid hi-tensile steel fork is used up front, and the bike uses a 3×7 drivetrain with Shimano EF-500 and TY-300 components. Elsewhere, the components are quality but budget oriented with nameless double-wall aluminum rims, steel 32h hubs, and a rigid seatpost and threadless stem with a 31.8mm handlebar.

Batch Bicycles whips up an affordable new Fitness hybrid

Offered in Gloss Batch Blue and Matte Pitch Black, claimed weight is listed at 29.25lbs for a medium. Expect these to be available in mid-October, with the bike currently available for retailer and distributor pre-order.




    • I wonder the same thing but it might also be a marketing thing to low-information consumers….21 gears OMG!! that’s more than 2x better than 10 speed…so it has to be better.

    • When they move to 9-11 speeds and ditch the tourney crap and move to at least Alivio or better but cheap crap like this dictates using garbage! It is a sad fact but people will buy this crap so companies don’t need quality at this level!

      It would be nice to see a nice 1×9 bike with a wide range with quality well known components for around $500! It wouldn’t be so hard! You can do things like shimano hydraulics and hollowtech cranks that are still decent quality and these companies can still make money!

      Plus if Shimano can make pure garbage like Tourney they can surely make a wide range 9 speed drivetrain for low cost bikes that performs at a Deore level!

      • Honestly, Tourney does the Shimano name a disservice. I started with Tourney on a hybrid and it was such a god awful experience, not encouraging at all.

        A proper 1×9 or even Srams cheapest OEM spec possible for 1×11 would serve the average entry level soooo much better than any cheap 3×7.

        Cheap Triples are an abomination.

  1. Ahhh, 2X gives a much wider gear range, and can have a much lower low gear than typical 1X setups. Both of which are very important at this market level.

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