It’s no secret that Pivot’s founder, Chris Cocalis, is a fan of blue. A predominant theme in the finish of their bikes and often in the choice of components, blue is certainly a popular color in the Pivot office. So to make the newest version of the Mach 5.5 stand out a little more, it’s getting a special paint treatment – in Bass Boat Blue.

Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon lands a new Bass Boat Blue paint job Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon lands a new Bass Boat Blue paint job Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon lands a new Bass Boat Blue paint job

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like the paint isn’t quite as sparkly as the Bassboat Blue Schwinn Homegrowns of the ’90s. Rather, it looks like just enough sparkle with smaller metal flake to set it apart from the traditional blues often associated with Pivot.

Designed as the “ultimate trail bike,” the Bass Boat Blue Mach 5.5 still offers 140mm of dw-link suspension travel matched to a 160mm Fox 36 fork up front. Running 27.5″ wheels in 2.1-2.6″ tire widths, the 5.5 provides plenty of options for your preferred set up. It was also one of the first bikes offered with Fox Live – which can be had with a Shimano XT/XTR Pro build starting at $8,599. Otherwise, the BBB Mach 5.5s start at $5,399 for a Race XT build. Not into the BBB? Red Satin and Matte Black are also available colors at no additional cost.


  1. ………..watching the news yesterday the newscaster mentioned the color coral and the co-anchor asked “do you know what color coral is”? He answered: “I dont know, blue”?

  2. Exactly the same color like my Canyon Lux CF that I bought in 2017. Canyon called it ‘bullet blue’. (Niner RIP9 called it ‘rally blue’ as far as I remember well). Nice color though 😉

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