While you probably don’t love new chainring fitments, you gotta love how quickly Wolf Tooth Components is able to turn out new products. The latest of which are new 1x rings for Shimano’s GRX cranksets.

Wolf Tooth Components adds new gravel chainring options for Shimano GRX cranks

Even though Shimano already used a 110 BCD with asymmetric bolt placement for their road cranks, GRX chainrings use a different offset and a different tab layout. That means another chainring design had to be created by WTC in order to fit the new gravel cranks from Shimano.

The 110 BCD Asymmetric 4 bolt ring for Shimano GRX is designed to match the GRX aesthetics and is available in 38, 40, 42, 44, and 46t to provide more gearing options than stock.

Wolf Tooth Components adds new gravel chainring options for Shimano GRX cranks

The rings also feature WTC’s Drop-Stop FT profile which works with all 10 and 11 speed chains, as well as 12 speed chains including the SRAM Flattop, SRAM  Eagle, and KMC chains. They do not work with the new Shimano Hyperglide+ 12 speed MTB chains, but since GRX is still an 11 speed group, they’ll work just fine.

Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum in the USA, the rings have a claimed weight of 72-102g depending on the size and are priced from $79.95 to $84.95.



  1. 3 different incompatible 12-speed chain styles. Thanks for working together SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo.

    I’m going to just pass on 12-speed.

    • The worst part is that its mostly Shimano’s 12s quick link that’s incompatible. The best part is that you are only a KMC link away from compatibility.

      • Hey Celest,
        The Shimano 12s chain’s interaction with the chainring and how the chain is retained is completely different than other chains and “normal” Drop Stop chainrings (or other wide/narrow like X-sync). Putting a KMC quick link on a Shimano 12s chain will all the chain to fit on a “Normal” Drop-Stop chainring, but after just a few rides it will get very noisy as the chains extended inner link plates dig in. If you want more details on the way the Shimano 12s system works, feel free to email us.

      • Hey Celeste, using a KMC link will allow the Shimano HG+ chain to physically fit on a normal narrow/wide chainring but the chain design will quickly wear out the ring and become very noisy. Using a non-Shimano 12s chain compromises the shifting performance so also not a good choice. By far the best solution is a chainring designed for Shimano HG+ 12s chain.
        The above is not relavant to GRX as it uses a “standard” chain so lots of options although the Shimano chain will still shift the best…

  2. Cool. Now give me 25t-29t replacements for the small rings on the GRX double cranks. Whatever reason you have for why I don’t need it. kindly keep it to yourself. Thanks!

  3. Why not having a 36T option, the step between the standard shimano 40T and the smallest WT at 38T is quite small, and a 4T step should only make sense. Is the BCD an issue to go 36T ? Somme applications almost require MTB gearing and 36T is far from excessively small

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