Always in search of ways to improve your training? Well, Strava is about to get a little more powerful thanks to two new features to help keep you on track. Adding new features to both their standard and premium Summit accounts, Fitness and Perceived Exertion may help you level up out on the road or trail.


Strava unlocks new Fitness and Perceived Exertion features to advance your training Strava unlocks new Fitness and Perceived Exertion features to advance your training

Available to all Strava users on iOS and Android, Perceived Exertion is a way to track your training efforts based on how hard they feel. That means you can leave the heart rate monitor at home. By rating your workout hardness from 1 to 10, the PE feature is directly linked to the other new feature…

Strava unlocks new Fitness and Perceived Exertion features to advance your training…Fitness. This one is only available to paid Summit members, and it’s fairly self explanatory. By using the PE rating and other metrics, the Fitness analytic tool will assign you a daily fitness score. Which you can track over time – to see how you stack up over the years.

To gain access to Fitness, you’ll need a Strava Summit subscription which runs $59.99 per year.


  1. On other news: Strava is pretending to be something else than a social platform for cyclists and implements features 3rd parties have been offering for years, whilst ignoring featurerequests from users on their forums.

  2. Perceived effort is by far the worst method of tracking training efforts. There’s a reason we all went to heart rate monitors and then power meters.

    One other important tidbit that was left out of this “announcement”: Strava has recently discontinued support for connected sensors (heart rate/speed/cadence/etc.) in the Strava phone apps (iOS and Android). So perceived effort is just a stand-in for what used to be actual data in their newly-gimped application.

    I have no idea what they’re doing with all that VC money, but Strava certainly isn’t using it for technical enhancements to their platform. If there was ever a sports tracking app that’s ripe for disruption, Strava would be it.

  3. I am waiting for an update that allows you to put your recorded rides into separate categories or “Files”. If I have some impressive rides or races, I don’t want to have to scroll down through my entire list of all time activities to find it.
    Please please Strava! It can’t be that hard!

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