This one goes out to the commuters out there – or really anyone that routinely leaves their bike exposed to the elements or potential theft. If you’re tired of locking up your saddle or riding with a wet seat, the SeatyGo is an interesting concept. Brought to you by SeatyLock, the company that created a saddle that doubles as a bike lock, SeatyGo offers a different kind of security.

SeatyGo modular, removable city bike saddle system

To prevent your saddle from being stolen, simply detach it from the rails and take it with you. This not only will prevent (most of) your saddle from being stolen, but it also protects the saddle cover from the harsh impact of the environment.

That means no more weather damage, vandalism, or just general wear and tear while your bike is locked to the rack. It also guarantees a warm, dry seat when you get back on your bike to ride home.

SeatyGo plans to offer the saddle in three different sizes and shapes to fit a variety of riders.

The rails are universal between the three and should fit standard seatposts.

Using a flexible base, the saddles include a waterproof microfiber cover that is bonded to the bottom for a weatherproof saddle – for those times when you’re riding in inclement weather and not just parking in it.

A latch at the front of the saddle keeps the rails locked in place when riding and allows for quick removal when you lock up.

SeatyGo has gone to Kickstarter to get the concept off the ground with a product available in January 2020.


Until October 23rd, you’ll be able to pledge for a SeatyGo saddle for as little as $60, with retail expected to run $85.


  1. Timmay on

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just create a seat post with a removable head. Then you can use whatever seat you want, as opposed to limiting yourself to the three saddles they provide.

  2. Mike A on

    If someone is going to steal your seat they certainly aren’t going to opt for one or two bolts that are upside down and slightly harder to reach versus the seatpost with one very clear and accessible bolt. This is nothing a strip of tape and a quick release seat collar won’t solve.

  3. Macmacmac on

    Quite clever if different people ride the same bike. In example for shop-rentals, etc. All you need is about four different saddle shapes and you got a good fit for about 90% of riders. Rental bikefitting on the fly.


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