Bianchi announced a family of three new e-bikes, dubbed E-SUV. Key features include a full carbon frame and rear triangle, integrated front, side, and rear lights, integrated mudguards, and a huge capacity 720 Wh battery. Suspension travel is 150-160mm on all models, and it utilizes the high-powered Shimano E8000 motor system.

Bianchi E-SUV electric pedal assist mountain bike range

Bianchi has an extensive range of e-bikes and mountain bikes, and added a new e-MTB to the list – the E-SUV. With three models all using 150 – 160mm travel, it fits in to the all-mountain category… and even uses mixed wheel sizes on two models.

Bianchi reports that they began with three main areas of focus – design, integration, and function. Both the front and rear triangles are full carbon, and feature integrated lights and mudguards. The front light design wraps around to add side visibility for extra safety.

The front-end control display can show information such as GPS and battery level.

Bianchi uses a massive 720 Wh battery in the downtube, along with a unique cooling system using a front intake and rear exhaust. Shimano’s powerful E8000 motor handles drive duties.

An asymmetrical chainstay is used to prevent damage, improve aesthetics, and decrease noise from the chain hitting the frame.

Models & Spec

Three models of the E-SUV are available. Complete bike weights are not available, but Bianchi stated a goal weight of 23kg for the Racer model.

Bianchi E-SUV Racer Specs:

Bianchi E-SUV Rally Specs:

Bianchi E-SUV Adventure Specs:

Bianchi E-SUV Geometry

Three sizes are available – with slight variation between the Racer and Rally/Adventure models due to front suspension travel differences.

The Bianchi E-SUV will be available as a 2020 model. List prices are €10,490 for the Racer, €9,490 for the Rally, and €6,790 for the Adventure.


  1. I’m waiting with great anticipation for the first company to bring out a bike with ‘twist assist’ that lets you manually toggle the motor by twisting the driveside grip…

  2. As a pedal powered person, I’m very concerned about ending up in a head-on collision with rider + 40-50 lbs of e-motorized expensiveness (especially ones who hack the firmware to make them go even faster).

  3. You can hate on e-bikes, but I just bought two for me and my wife and we have been ripping up the single track up here in Bend, OR and it is amazing. I can go way further and also the fun factor has increased given how much faster I can go. It is like going from the dumbo ride to an e-ticket ride on space mountain. So make all the fun you want, but I will be slashing my local single tracks till the cows come home (or the battery dies, which ever comes first).

    • “…ripping up the singletrack” huh. Let’s hope it’s not on all of Phil’s trails that explicitly state “No eBikes.” And you were your own motor on an analog bike, so I’m pretty sure you just compared your own fitness/endurance/skill level/speed/power to the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. Rather than learning new skills, increasing your fitness, and practicing – you bought a pair of over-priced, heavy, overbuilt eBikes to ride some of the most tame trails in the state, and then come brag about it in the Bikerumor comment section *slow clap*

    • I used a levo to help recover from a spinal cord injury sustained in a skiing accident. it was literally almost a life saver. God forbid any of the haters get sick or have an accident or wait for it get a little older

    • Nothing says responsible trail user like “tearing up” and “slashing” trails where, from the sounds of it, your motorized bike is prohibited.

  4. As long as they hold together I have heard from a shop emplyee 50% return rate on the Spec levo and other brands due to battery/motor/wiring failure. Also battery replacement for cube ran 1100CAD.

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