A few weeks ago, Cane Creek announced that their titanium eeWings cranks were about to get a little more colorful. At first, the new tie-dye cranksets were limited to the mountain bike sizing, but they hinted at more to come. True to their word, now due to popular demand, they will also be selling a limited amount of tie-dye anodized all-road cranks as well.

Other than a narrower 160mm q-factor compared to the mountain bike cranks that use 176mm, the All-Road cranks are essentially the same construction. Using a SRAM 3 bolt direct mount interface, the cranks can run direct mount single rings or dual rings with a direct mount spider.

The All-Road cranks are offered in 170, 172.5, and 175mm lengths and will work with BSA 68mm, PF86, BB30 (External Bearing Only), PF30 (External Bearing Only), and 386EVO bottom brackets. Like the mountain bike tie-dye cranks, the ano All-Roads are limited edition and will run an additional $100 over the standard titanium cranks at $1,100 without a bottom bracket or chainrings. Cane Creek is accepting pre-orders now, with delivery expected in November.



  1. Love the concept, but when the Q factor is wider than some mtb cranks and a good chunk wider than normal road/gravel Q factor it’s sadly a pass.

    For those that don’t notice such it’s hard to pass up the cranks unless your wallet says no. 😉

  2. What many fail to appreciate is that low Q-factor is not the answer for everyone. Riders chose different width saddles for various pelvis widths. A rider’s stance also various with body size and proportions. And it’s funny that the Q-factor for a XC racer is too wide for a road rider.

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