The Roval brand begin life in the 1970’s, founded by Claude Lanhauer and was known for its innovative wheels with deep rims (for the time) and low spoke counts. Nowadays, Roval is owned by Specialized Bicycles and still produces wheels, although the march of time has seen massive advancements in technology. Carbon fiber, once reserved for frames and forks, now constitutes a vast majority of rims for wheelsets in the modern market. Roval’s wheels have been made famous by their performance under the bikes of WorldTour riders with models such as CLX 32, CLX 50 and CLX 64, their numbers indicative of the rim’s depth.

That was then. So what’s new?

In a word, Gravel.

To quote Roval directly, “Pigeonholed is an ugly word. When it comes to our rides, we refuse to be pigeonholed. The paths we follow can be flat or steep, smooth as glass or potholed to hell and back. They may be topped with a seamless coat of asphalt, corrugated with washboard gravel, or nothing more than a foot-wide ribbon of dirt carving through the trees. When we’re lucky, we get all of these in a single ride.”

And so, Roval introduces the Terra CLX and Terra CLX EVO gravel wheelsets, built with durability, low weight, ride quality, versatility and tubeless-first performance in mind. Roval is serious about the toughness and longevity of the Terra wheels, and backs them up with a lifetime warranty and their free “**it happens” No Fault Crash Replacement Policy.

Terra is a combination of technology Roval developed on the road and mountain bike, and these wheels enable riders to ride on any road.

Terra CLX 700c – “One Wheel to Rule All Roads”

Roval claim the 700c Terra CLX model is the lightest wheel on the market for a wheel featuring 25mm inside diameter rims. Weight is just 1,296 grams which includes the rim strip and tubeless valve. Other key features:

  • Smooth riding qualities
  • Durability thanks to years of experience with composite technology and a rim design optimized for all roads
  • Hooked bead interface is safe up to 90psi with tyres measuring 28mm to 42mm
  • Lifetime warranty and no-fault crash replacement

Terra CLX EVO 650b & 700c – Putting the “Monster” in Monster Cross

If you desire more width to take the path even less traveled further, Roval has the wheelset for you. Featuring a 30mm internal rim width, the CLX EVO may be a bit heavier, but not by much. Key features include:

  • Compatible with tyres measuring up to 2.1″ in width
  • Available in 650b or 700c
  • Wheelset weights with rim and tubeless tape valves are impressive, 1,357 grams for 700c, 1,303 grams for 650b
  • Off-the-chart toughness to weight ratio, thanks to Roval’s extensive experience with carbon fibre rim technology
  • Lifetime warranty and no-fault crash replacement

The Integrated Design Philosophy

Roval Terra CLX and CLX EVO wheels are engineered as an integrated system, taking into account flange diameter, spoke count, lacing pattern and spoke specification. By eliminating variables for everything that could go wrong; dodgy hubs, unknown quality of spokes and so on, consistency ensures Roval’s wheelset design can focus on the stuff that matters.

Roval Terra CLX EVO Rim

For example, the Roval composite rim focuses on additional lay-up in areas that need it but reduces material where the stresses are lower. Thus, spoke holes can be drilled every time at the correct angle, resulting in perfectly distributed pressure between the nipple and the rim.

The Rims

All Roval Terra CLX and CLX EVO rims are tubeless-first featuring hooked rims. This allows for a greater variety of tyres to be fitted, at the same time reassuring the rider they’re riding a proven and safe rim technology. No fear of burping or rolling a tyre!

Roval Terra CLX EVO Rim, 30mm wide inside
Roval Terra CLX Rim, 25mm wide inside

The Hubs

You may roll slower on mixed-surfaced roads, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the details. Roval’s aero flange hubs are designed for slicing air at a multitude of angles, and every little bit helps, particularly over the long haul. DT internals reside at the heart of the Roval hubs and feature the company’s all-new EXP freehub.

The EXP freehub utilizes a single-actuated star-ratchet that cuts both weight and drag whilst increasing strength, as bearings are moved further outboard. Roval will offer Shimano 11-speed and SRAM XDR freehubs on all Terra wheels, whereas SRAM XD (MTB 12-speed) and Campagnolo users will need to obtain their hub bodies direct from DT. Unfortunately, the EXP freehub is not backward compatible with other DT Swiss hubs.

Hubs support 12mm x 100mm thru-axle on the front, and 12 x 142mm thru-axle on the rear.

Detailed Specs

First Ride Impressions


Make no mistake, Roval’s Terra CLX and CLX EVO wheels are a premium product aimed at the top carbon wheel brands in the market. Retail price in the U.S. will be $2,500.

Roval Components

Article by Gravel Cyclist, who attended the Roval launch on Bikerumor’s behalf. Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience.


    • There are many differences but the big ones are: high pressure 700 x 28c tire compatibility and road hub interface (12/12mm and center lock) do they aren’t easily converted to 15/12 Boost for MTB

    • Too light for whom? These might be perfect for someone on the lighter rider/smoother surface ends of the gravel spectrum. Rock-crushing wattmonsters have plenty of other options.

  1. These look pretty good. Those new DT 180 series hubs are silly light, so I’m not worried about the headline weights being too low, they can hit these numbers with a decently solid rim.
    And it’s not like Specialized is playing fast and loose with rider safety.
    I would have trouble spending the $2500, but if the reviews are good rims trickle down to the DT 350 level without gaining too much weight (say, 1450g and $1250) I’d take a serious look.

  2. One reason I like my Stan’s Valors (21.6 internal) is the ability to use a single wheelset for CX, gravel, and XC MTB racing. However, they’re almost too wide for narrow CX tires, and a bit on the narrow side for any MTB tire wider than ~2.35″.

    It seems like a 25mm internal width pretty much kills CX usage for any “normal” ~33mm CX tire, so these are a bit less versatile, but I guess wide is cool nowadays. Nice looking wheels, but damn spendy.

  3. I’m curious about the rim widths vs recommended tire sizes… these Roval rims seem wide for the tire width recommendation. Is it because they are hooked? Enve M series hookless MTB rims, 25mm internal = 2.4″ max tire and 30mm internal = 2.5″ max tire. Whereas the Roval recommended tire sizes are 42mm (1.65″) and 2.1″ respectively. A 2.1″ tire on a 30mm internal rim is going to take up a much more squared off profile.

    • 7 on one side 14 on the other, i won’t go less than 28 for disc wheel though, unless you enjoy frequent wheel truing

      • I’ve been riding & racing road and CX on ally and carbon 24h disc wheels the last few years. I don’t even know where my spoke wrench is.

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