While I appreciate that many people are big fans of hydration packs, I have personally never got on well with them at all. They can be a menace to clean properly, and if you’ve ever made the mistake of putting a flavoured energy drink in one, chances are you’ll never be able to 100% remove the taste of it. Even if you’re just using water, if you don’t clean them regularly enough, they get pretty fausty. Not to mention the additional weight you’re carrying on your back. A water bottle is definitely my preference. Trouble is, most water bottles that fit into a standard bottle cage are no bigger than 750ml, until now.

SOMA Further 38 oz. Cyclists’ Water Bottle


Claiming to be the World’s largest water bottle to fit a standard water bottle cage, the SOMA Further bottle carries a whopping 38 oz., or 1120 ml, of fluid. It is top heavy, with a standard water bottle cage circumference at the bottom, while the top half widens, increasing the fill capacity. At 30cm tall, I would imagine that this isn’t going to solve the problem faced by the majority of mountain bikers, whose rear shock almost always takes up too much space in the front triangle to fit any decent sized bottle. However, this could be a game changer for most other types of cycling, in which the front triangle is still just a triangle; commuting, bikepacking, gravel riding, road riding, adventure cycling, advenduro, adventure gravel… i’m running out of types of cycling here. The point is, you can now carry more water (and therefore weight) on the frame of your bicycle, the most ergonomically sensible place for it to be (yay!).

soma further large water bottle cycling mtb

SOMA Further Spec:

  • 38 oz. capacity water bottle (1,120 mL)
  • Graduation marks to assist with hydration mixes
  • Easy to grip
  • Easy to squeeze LDPE plastic
  • High flow sip valve
  • Frosted Clear allows you to view how much liquid you still have

Pricing & Availability

The 38 oz. Further water bottle from SOMA Fabrications will set you back just $14.99 and is available now direct from the SOMA Fab shop.



  1. Are there any published dimensions for this bottle.. specifically the height? Soma does not list any dimensions on their website. That would be helpful information.

  2. Wow. Whatever SOMA is trying to convey with its graphic re: volume(s) on the right side of the last image is failing miserably. It sure looks like they’re implying that a 1000ml volume is roughly 4 times the volume of 750ml.

    Marketing people should not be allowed to make graphics like that.

    • No one said it’s 4x a normal bottle and their site conveys same data bikerumor did. Really a pretty brilliant idea. Gonna be sweet for hot desert riding in Fruita/Moab!

      Hashmarks on the side seem to be on point and overal capacity is likely based off total fill to rim.

      • Well that explains it then: the graphic/photo on the right is an actual photo of the side of the bottle. At first blush, it looked like a computer generated graphic. I’ll withdraw my sarcastic complaint.

        • Might want to look closer at the graphic. You are incorrect, but I’ll let you see if you can figure out where you went wrong. 😉

    • In fairness to the marketers, the graphic looks like it sits above the indent that holds it in the cage, so it would only appear in the top 25% of the bottle, roughly. Not lab precise but probably not that far off

    • They are actually implying a small increase in height from 750 milliliters (mL) to 1000 megaliters (ML). Must get really wide, not sure how that’ll fit, but you and likely everyone around you will never have to worry about hydration needs.

  3. With all the weight that’s going to be above the bottle cage, it’s not going to stay in place on rough surfaces and it will probably bend or break a lot of cages. There are reasons that nobody has done this before.

  4. This bottle will show which cages hold and which don’t. Our carbon cages will hold and I bet a King Cage will hold as well.

  5. been using the Zefal 33oz bottles,and I have the Polar massive 42oz that fits on my two mt bikes with Velo Orange and Two fish special cages

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