Weight weenies rejoice. Pipping the Alpitude Stelvio out-front Garmin mount by a meager 2.74g, the new Over The Stem (OTS) Garmin mount from F3 Cycling’s FormMount range has to be one of the lightest carbon mounts on the market.

F3Cycling FormMount OTS Garmin Mount

The carbon fiber composite mount, designed specifically to be lightweight and strong, integrates into your road or mountain bike headset, as a spacer would, sitting just underneath the top cap.

The OTS mount gives a professional streamlined look to the cockpit

The integrated hinge allows you to position your Garmin at the most ergonomically comfortable angle for viewing while riding. The FormMount OTS mount is compatible only with Garmin at the moment, but look out for a Wahoo compatible mount coming soon.

f3cycling-formmount-OTS-GARMIN-HOLDER-LIGHTWEIGHT-ENVE-STEMThe F3Cycling FormMount OTS will set you back $39.95 but you can pre-order it now to receive it in November, and get a 25% discount with the promo code FMOTS25.



  1. I’m going to try to be nice about this but… I guarantee the tiny plastic stem-top mounts and black rubber bands that come with Garmin weigh about half this much and would put the Garmin in the same location.
    I see no advantage here to the freebie with the device.
    The quality of this mount looks pretty high, and it seems like they have wasted their magic. I would be more interested in a high-quality — like this thing — mount that sites out ahead of and level with the stem.
    As long as it’s uh… better than the plastic out-ahead mount that also comes with most gamins, best I can tell

  2. My bands might’ve started out beefy but I lost my Garmin downhilling. I slid out on a turn at Sea Otter. Maybe swapping it out too many times or crashes weakened my bands?? I still had a handout in my pockt from Barflybike announcing the Barfly race mini (where the phrase Weight Weenies Rejoice originally came from btw).
    I nabbed an Barfly 4 mtb mount with all the accessories included and their “weight weenie” aluminum Race Mini with inserts I could swap out. Good thing because my Garmin eventually died so I moved to a Wahoo Mini.

    Frankly I don’t care about weight as much as I do my gear being secure. I haven’t hit a pot hole on my road bike or gone down on gravel yet that has knocked my Wahoo or Gopro off my bars.

    BTW using a competitors tag line “Weight Weenies Rejoice” might be considered flattery by some but it seems like a lack of an imagination and a copycat mentality which doesn’t help F3’s cred

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