Own an e-bike? Just using the same chain lube you’ve always been using? Based on yet another e-bike chain lube hitting the market, you might want to rethink that. According to brands like Finishline, Muc-Off, and now Squirt, e-bikes can benefit from specific chain lubes due to the increased torque loads and power output. Those can both lead to increased wear on e-bike drivetrains, so e-bike specific lubes and waxes are meant to prolong e-bike drivetrain life.

Squirt’s new e-bike Chain Wax contains high pressure additives that are meant to stand up to higher torque loads and last longer in wet riding conditions. The wax still uses the same biodegradable, solvent-free, wax based lubricant as the standard Squirt lubricant, but is said to be a bit more slick. No word on pricing and availability just yet.



  1. the bike industry loves their snail oil huh?

    (I actually use Squirt so not bashing their product. I just laugh at the bicycle industry marketing machine)

  2. Actually (note, I’m completely anti-ebike) this is a product that actually makes a little sense. For normal riding, you want the least resistance but normally that comes with less durability/longevity/protection as its a delicate balance. For example, a thick nasty grease would work great for keep the chain squeak free but would suck for efficiency. With e-bikes, since you really don’t care about drag as much, the overall goal is to keep the drivetrain quiet and clean for the longest possible time.

    • “For example, a thick nasty grease would work great for keep the chain squeak free but would suck for efficiency.”

      At the speeds chain rollers “rotate”, grease is appropriate. At the load levels where the viscosity of the grease would create any measurable drag that wasn’t offset by frictional gains, you’d be coasting. Drivetrain drag only counts when power is being fed into it.

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