It’s that time again – time to start collecting your questions for our next AASQ! This time, ENVE has stepped up to the plate and is tackling all your questions related to carbon wheels and rims for mountain bikes.

ENVE M-Series carbon MTB mountain bike wheels drop price, with US-made Industry Nine 101 hubs

That could mean anything from questions about their anti-pinch flat technology, picking the right rims for how/where/what you ride, the effect of tire inserts, wheelset weight, stiffness, and more.


This is your chance to ask those questions about carbon wheels you’ve always had, but were afraid to ask – or just simply get another opinion from one of the legendary carbon brands.

Whatever the question, get them in early and we’ll select the best ones to answer later this week! Use this form to submit your question. And for those of you more interested in road and gravel, you can start submitting those questions as well since ENVE will be joining us for a second AASQ in a few weeks to focus on the skinnier wheels and tires!


  1. Velo Kitty on

    Okay, here’s my question:
    I emailed support at on 8/2/2019 inquiring about the type/number of bearings in their road hub. I received an acknowledgement that they had received my inquiry.
    On 8/27/2019, I emailed again.
    I got a reply from a human to the 8/27/2019 email saying “Thank you for your message! CC’d on this ticket: SupportScottJake Pantone”
    It’s now 3 months since my initial inquiry.
    When should I expect a reply?

  2. alloycowboy on

    Oh, oh, can you ask them if they know what happen to Shimano’s Sylence hubs and if they have future plans for slilent hubs of there own???

    • FritzP on

      The current Shimano XTR hubs have the Sylence parts but the installed configuration is different to avoid durability issues with the original configuration. The XTR hub i built into a wheel is very quiet coasting at speed, sometimes silent. Much, much more quiet than the i9 Hydra it replaced.

  3. sunny gill on

    For MTB hubs, my bike (Scalpel SE) has boost front, non boost rear. What do you recommend for ENVE rear wheel/hub combo that will maximum flexibility to go adapt to boost rear in the future if I get a new frame? I would like to stay with center lock rotors, is that possible? Thanks for making awesome products!

  4. Jo Daniel on

    It seems to be an industry wide agreement that gravel specific wheels (rims) should be quite shallow. As the american gravel scene seems to be the main motor in gravel r&d, with popular events like DK and others. Why have the industry and Enve in particular, decided da the aero benefit of a taller rim + a well fitting tire, is less important on gravel, even when the ride is 200km + long?

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this, both for your own company and others.

    Shout out from Norway!

    • K-Pop is dangerous to your healths on

      Jo, “well fitting tire, is less important”? LOL!! Just had to get that out of the way.

      Ok Mr. Norway, DK was won on 3.4AR disc this year. The year before was won on 303 Firecrest, before that Stan’s Avion. All are deeper aero wheels of 40mm or more. So I’m not sure about some industry wide consensus of a shallower rim trend for gravel races, because it all comes down to what the course demands, personal preference and if you’re there to ride or race. DK is now a much faster race than it used to be due to all the former pros retiring on gravel. Speeds went up so did wheel profiles on the podiums. I think you’ll find that most people who show up at these events aren’t really trying to be competitive, especially an event like DK they are just trying to survive the milage. They are there precisely for the “ride” and will be on shallower rims and wider tires for more compliance and comfort. At the front end of these events you’ll see more aero gear. In conclusion, the amount of people at the competitive side of gravel racing is such a small percentage of the population that shallower and wider is more the norm, the more rational choice for everyday riding.

    • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

      You should note that the subject of this AASQ is mountain bike wheels and rims. At the end of the article it says “ENVE will be joining us for a second AASQ in a few weeks to focus on the skinnier wheels and tires!” Just couldn’t wait, could you?!?!? Your enthusiasm is alright with me tho.. 😉 Go Norway!

    • Pete Zarolie on

      This is like asking why someone should order a Hamburger over a Taco, when we all know that pizza rolls are the way to go.


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