SKS is pretty established as a maker of fenders for almost any bike, from full coverage Bluemels to strap-on RaceBlades. Somewhere in between, their latest Speedrocker gives full mudguard coverage for any fat tire cross & gravel bikes so you can make it through a winter of riding with dry feet and butts, no matter the terrain or how many braze-ons your new bike is sporting. And beyond fenders, SKS keeps ratcheting up their tech savvy too, with new wireless live tire pressure monitoring, a new wireless battery-backed smartphone cockpit mount & new multi-purpose cycling mobile app…

SKS Speedrocker fall-tire gravel bike clip-on fenders

SKS Speedrocker fenders, fat tire high volume gravel bike full coverage mudguards

SKS actually slipped the 50€ Speedrocker fenders out in the spring, but we don’t really think about putting fenders on the bike for real until days become drastically shorter and rains uncomfortably cold. So, now seems about time to talk mudguards, and the SKS Speedrocker is one of the best options for the best type of winter riding – modern gravel bikes on whatever roads & trails you find along the way.

SKS Speedrocker fenders, fat tire high volume gravel bike full coverage mudguards

Sure, many of the best gravel bikes include fender mounts, but just as many new carbon all-road, gravel & cyclocross bikes still lack that versatility. So, SKS developed a strap-on style fender especially for large volume all-surface road tires. Designed to be used with 700c x 32-42mm wide tires, the off-road durable plastic fenders are a three piece setup that strap to your fork & seatstays.

SKS Speedrocker fenders, fat tire high volume gravel bike full coverage mudguards

Made in Germany, the Speedrocker wraps around up to 42mm tires for full-length coverage, with a two-piece front wheel coverage design that developed to keep spray off your face, even on tight clearance forks. While the rear doesn’t always extend all the way to the bottom bracket, SKS says its telescopic design ensures ample protection as far as tire clearance allows, extending down & paired with the bike’s seattube. Rubberized velcro straps hold the front fender in place, while stretchy rubber straps to fit almost any type of adventurous bike. The Speedrocker set comes in at a claimed 408g only in black, with 50+21cm of front wheel coverage & up to 95cm rear wheel coverage.

SKS Airspy wireless live tire pressure monitoring

SKS Airspy SV, continuous wireless live tire pressure monitors, bicycle TPMS

In the tech sphere, the upcoming Airspy tire pressure monitors are one of SKS’s most interesting new gadgets. At 99€ when they hit shops next spring in either Presta or Schrader variants, the SKS Airspy aren’t the first valve-based pressure trackers, but they do look to cut the price in half vs. the original TireWiz.

SKS Airspy SV, continuous wireless live tire pressure monitors, bicycle TPMS

Weighing just 18g per wheel, the sensors fit directly over the standard valve and continuously transmit pressure over Bluetooth and/or ANT+ to your connected cycling computer or mobile device. Working with the SKS Mybike App on your smartphone you can even program alerts to notify you if tire pressure drops below a set threshold, meant to work like TPMS in most modern cars. The CR2032 powered devices use a security shackle (a bar that attaches to your nearest spoke, with different lengths available) as an anti-theft measure so you keep them safely on the bike all the time. Dust, mud & waterproof, SKS says they are compatible with tubeless setups & sealant, rated up to 120psi/8.3bar, and transmit temperature & battery charge data to the mobile app as well.

SKS Compit+ smartphone & powerbank cockpit setup, plus MyBike app

Taking on-the-bike tech to the next logical step, SKS have created a secure mobile phone mount above your stem, to control all of your integrated bike gadgets from one place. Designed as a modular solution that transitions easily off the bike, Compit starts out as a smartphone case that snaps securely over your stem, but also includes option light & GoPro attachments, plus e-bike system integration and an optional battery backup power bank.

SKS Compit+ smartphone & powerbank cockpit setup

The powerbank is an especially interesting option, as it includes Qi-certified tech for wireless inductive charging of compatible smartphones, plus an integrated NFC chip that can be setup to activate bike-specific functionality once you snap you phone into place. The Basic mount setup starts around 30€, with phone cases from just 10€, and the full mount including the battery backup from 80€.

Pair it with the free SKS MyBike mobile phone app to get ride tracking, navigation, and map-based cycling resource information. Or use it with whatever you favorite on-the-bike apps are, with an extra 10 hours of juice for live tracking & routing.


  1. Those Speedrocker fenders look like a new iteration of their Velo series, combined with the strap-on fitment of their Raceblades. Pretty nice, although the Velo series does offer wider options.

  2. I was excited about the speedrockers and got a set in the spring. Didn’t fit my bike or my wife’s bike because the mount locations are in the same spot as the cantilever mounts. Ended up giving away to a friend who had disk brakes.

    I will say they looked like exactly what I wanted if it weren’t for the fitment. Sturdier feeling than the crud roadracer mk3’s which tend to wobble and clang when nobby tires catch them, do wish they had better coverage near the bottom bracket.

    Wish sks had mentioned the mounting issue, but it’s fairly obvious in pictures if you look for it.

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