See.Sense announced the AIR, a GPS monitoring device that tracks the location of your bike at all times. Using a long-life battery, it will operate for three months per charge, and measures just 64mm x 50mm in size – perfect for discreet mounting under your saddle. It uses the NB-IoT network and integrates with app alerts, to let you know if your bike has been moved.

See.Sense AIR GPS bike tracker & anti-theft device

See.Sense has another ace up their sleeve, but this time it’s an innovative anti-theft (or pro-recovery?) device. Already fully-funded on Kickstarter, the AIR will track the location of your bike in the event of thievery, sending alerts and location information directly to your smartphone. While some locks now integrate GPS tech, the AIR serves solely as a tracking device, intended to be used as a supplement to traditional locks.

In order to preserve battery life, the AIR uses new NB-IoT low power wide area network (LPWAN) signal – said to provide coverage good coverage in a wide variety of areas (check out the Kickstarter page for a detailed list of countries with this service).

Alerts are sent to your phone, which allow you to send the location information to police if you’re not comfortable running down the thief on your own.

What’s in the box? Everything shown above. If the standard hidden saddle rail mount doesn’t work with your setup, an alternate bottle cage mount comes with every unit. See.Sense cautions that mounting the unit inside of a bike frame results in signal interference, and is not recommended.

The See.Sense AIR Kickstarter campaign has 25 days remaining as of this writing. Pricing depends on quantity ordered, with discounts made for multiple units.


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