Camp And Go Slow may have changed up their logo so its less likely to be confused with a certain Italian drivetrain company, but their new products are looking good as ever. This time around, you’ll find some interesting new bar tape with awesome packaging, bag collaborations with Swift Industries, and a few other new items throughout the site.

Camp And Go Slow Rattlesnake bar tape gives bars some bite, plus new Swift Industries bags!
All photos c. Camp And Go Slow

Their new bar tape is called Rattlesnake, and you can see why. The woven nylon blend surface is patterned after the Western Diamondback rattler, and it features 1.5mm of foam underneath for a bit of cushion. The tape is 3300mm long to cover wide bars, and it ships without any bar end plugs, finishing tape, or “other junk”.

Camp And Go Slow Rattlesnake bar tape gives bars some bite, plus new Swift Industries bags!

However, one thing it does ship with is packaging you’ll actually reuse. The drawstring bag is inspired by a reptile transport bag and can be used for carrying just about anything after you’ve wrapped your bars. The bag itself is hand made in Dayton, Nevada so it’s sure to add more to the price than a cardboard box, but it seems like a worthy trade off for something you’ll actually use and not just immediately send to a landfill.

The tape sells for $42.

Elsewhere, Camp And Go Slow has some bags that are a collaboration with Swift Industries. Perfect additions to your favorite bike used to slowly get yourself out of town, the $175 Sugarloaf bag is meant to fit a Wald 137 basket.

There’s also the Sidekick Pouch which will also attach to a Wald basket, directly to any bag with Molle webbing, or to your bars with the included velcro straps. Like the Sugarloaf bag, it includes their new Less Litigious Logo and is priced at $45.

Check out their site for more.

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