Wondering how much dropper seatpost travel will fit on your bike? Whether you’re trying to figure out how to get the most travel, or just make sure your post will put the saddle high (or low) enough to fit you, PNW has the answer. Their new online calculator lets you input your collar-to-rail and max insertion lengths, then spits out the options that will fit your bike.

how to determine the maximum dropper seatpost travel that will fit on your mountain bike

The calculator highlights the area you need to measure as you mouse over the input field, too. Combined with their chart (below), should help you get a post that fits on the first try.

how do i measure my dropper seatpost to see what fits my mountain bike

They say it’s already helping reduce the number of orders for posts that won’t quite fit a customer’s bike, helping reduce downtime for the rider, customer service work for them, and wasted packaging and shipping efforts. To use it, just click on any of their dropper seapost options on their website and look for the gray button under the size options for that model.



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