Launched this fall, the new Lazer G1 road bike helmet floats to the top of their lightweight performance range with a claimed weight of around 200g. The model replaces Genesis globally, though it’s only getting the G1 name in the North American market. Other than the territorial name switch, there’s nothing confusing about this helmet, it simply strips things down to the essentials to achieve a really lightweight.

Lazer G1 features & actual weight

lazer g1 genesis road bike helmet review

Helmets of late seem to be getting feature bloat. While these new constructions may add additional layers of safety, much like a layer cake, they also cause things to gain weight. With some helmets topping 300g to 400g, the 200g Lazer G1 feels like something’s missing. But the only thing it gives up is any of the modern rotational-mitigation (like MIPS, although a MIPS version is also available) tech. Otherwise, it has everything you’d want from a high-end helmet.

It comes with two sets of pads – “Race” and “Comfort”. The thinner “race pads have just enough padding to keep it comfortable on warm days, with a full-frontal surround pad on the forehead to help keep sweat from dripping down.

Twenty two vents move air through it quite well. Unlike some ultralight helmets that seem to be very shallow, the Lazer G1 drops down just over the ears, and has decent rear coverage, too.

the lazer g1 genesis bicycle helmet is lightweight and fits well

The impressive part is that it can use their fully adjustable Rollsys retention mechanism and still have a claimed weight as low as 189g (CE model, CPSC will be slightly heavier). The rear cranium cradle is height adjustable and has a broader “capture” than most other brands’ rear loop. The effect is that it feels well connected to your head.

It’s also quite flexible in its fit. The G1 seemed to fit my head equally well whether I wore it bare or with a base layer on underneath (I tried several different brand/style base layers during testing).

My US-safety approved CPSC model in size Medium came in at just 205g. Add the included wind shell and it’s still only 255g.

Lazer G1 helmet review

Here’s what I like about the Lazer G1: Great fit*, good looks, really lightweight, and all-season versatility.

*About that fit: Lazer’s helmets have historically been hit or miss for me, in terms of fit. The one I’ve found that worked well for my head was the Z1, and I still wear that on occasion, but most of their mountain bike helmets just haven’t worked well for me. The G1 fits very well, with or without a base layer underneath. So, it’s worth going through your local bike shop to get this (or any) helmet because a good fit is critical to a helmet’s ability to do it’s job. If you like the Z1, chances are you’ll really like the G1. But also, adding MIPS could change the way it fits, and I haven’t tried on the MIPS version.

what is the lightest road bike helmet from Lazer

Aiding its year-round use is the included, color-matched aeroshell. This definitely helps soften the $229 price point ($249 with MIPS). Use it to get more aerodynamic, or just use it to block cold air. The shell snaps into place firmly but comes off easily.

The combination of a comfortable yet secure fit system that’s easy to adjust, plus the extremely lightweight that satisfies all of my weight weenie-ness, make this easy to recommend. Short of actually crashing in it, I’d say Lazer isn’t gambling with their 100-year history by betting their reputation against a few extra grams. The G1, like all of their helmets, comes with a crash replacement program, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

While $229 seems expensive for a helmet (it is), it’s actually a bit less than top-level lids from other major brands. Overall, definitely worth a look if it’s in your budget. Or check out the Z1, which isn’t much heavier but uses the same fit system.


  1. mud+rock on

    A question for Tyler: I have a narrow head and I’m always looking for a good fitting road helmet. Does the Lazer G1 fall in that category? I’m happy now with Giro helmets but always looking for something different.

    Also, did you see any downside in the G1 not having a dial in back to tighten down the circumference?

    I think all bikes should come with MIPS, btw.

  2. JB on

    i bought one but will return. real world weight for a size M non-mips is 250gm. verified. i believe the one tested by bike umor is the euro version. the retention system rollsys. has a strange feeling. as it tightens it pulls back and you need to keep tightening. utter crap system. i will stick to kask/giro.


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