SRAM has hyped the AXS family of wireless road & trail drivetrains for their accessibility & adaptability since its debut last winter. Initially that meant flexibility to mix & match road and MTB setups. But now AXS UserVoice opens up additional rider access, welcoming direct user feedback from the cyclists out riding AXS in the real world.

SRAM AXS UserVoice wireless end user platform feedback

what is enhanced mode for SRAM etap axs wireless road bike shifting

Welcoming user feedback is less about telling SRAM what new wireless components they should integrate on the bike (AXS suspension valve controls, anyone?) and more about optimizing the AXS mobile app & web connectivity experience. That is of course limited to software updates of the actual riding experience, but AXS does offer and has the potential to offer even more software-based control, customization & monitoring.

What kind of impact can end-users have?

how to use the SRAM axs app to set up wireless shifting on road and mountain bikes

images c. SRAM

AXS UserVoice lets riders with AXS groups (and SRAMid accounts) suggest potential new wireless features for the mobile app & web, make notes on what some users don’t like about the AXS experience, and offers a place to report bugs.

what is enhanced mode for sram etap axs road bike wireless shifting

SRAM says it is a direct portal to the developers of the AXS ecosystem that both makes it easier for users to voice their opinions, but also to help the AXS development team understand where they should focus their efforts to improve the AXS wireless experience.

how does the SRAM AXS app work for mountain bike shifter customization

SRAMid users can simply log in, pick whether their comment falls under AXS mobile or web, then submit your suggestion. Users then vote on each idea so SRAM can see what topics appeal to the greatest number of AXS end users. SRAM can even send users status updates on topics they submit or vote for.

SRAM AXS UserVoice_wireless end user AXS access platform feedback mobile app web functions

Could AXS UserVoice suggestions turn into hardware ideas too? Who knows.


  1. Velo Kitty on

    AXS, initiate friction optimization and 10-tooth cog deletion sequence.
    AXS, intiate brand Interoperability sequence for cassette and chainrings.

  2. fabiano on

    sram…. please made a single shifter for all functions are the best option…. seatpost, suspension and shifter, all in one control… for add funcions, attach new wired buttons … transform the axs eagle shifter in a blip box… the best option for today

  3. TheStansMonster on

    This is kind of a bizarre story. Uservoice is just a 3rd party service that hosts feature request forums, mostly for software and tech companies. This article is basically “AXS opens feature request forum – just like every other tech company in existence”. This would be like having a story about a bike company putting up a website, it’s just the way things work.


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