The third installment of “Urban Freeride Lives” is here, this time with Fabio hitting insane stair gaps, bridge drop-offs and railing curbs, falling in love with his Specialized S-WORKS DH bike en route to Paris – the city of love.

Word on the street is that a full documentary about the making of this masterpiece, and the culture of urban freeride, will be out very soon. Keep an eye out for “To The Limit”.

Urban Freeride Lives 3 – credits:

Athlete: Fabio Wibmer

Camera: Manuel Nguyen

Edit & Sound Design: Marius Prell

Color Grading: Manuel Nguyen

Coordination & BTS: Elias Schwaerzler

Camera Assistant & Sound: Alex Mandl

Second Camera: Antoine Truchet

Local Guide: John Langlois

Photography: Hannes Berger

Management & PR: Rasoulution



  1. It’s been a while since I clicked on a mountain bike video. Longer that I watched the entire thing.

    Not sure what I like so much about his style. The insane speed, the way it looks like it’s always about to go bad. The huge air.
    What ever it is- keep it coming.

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