Hip pack, fanny pack, waist belt, bum bag, whatever you call it, carrying things in a small pack around your waist is hot again. This seems to be particularly true if you spend a lot of time on a mountain bike or gravel bike. But even with a ton of options floating around, Spurcycle’s co-founder and COO, Nick Slone, couldn’t find his perfect pack. So the company set out to build one.

Spurcycle Hip Pack is a simple and ultra light take on the fanny pack

Spurcycle is perhaps best known for their gorgeous bells, but they also know their way around tools and accessories. The simply named ‘Hip Pack’ follows their no-nonsense design philosophy to make beautifully simple products that do exactly what you need them to and nothing else.

Admitting that it was a pet project to create his perfect bag, Nick says that the Hip Pack has been in the works for over a year. Designed to be at home whether mountain biking, skate skiing, hiking, or any other outdoor pursuit, the Hip Pack focuses on a simple and lightweight design. Made in the USA from materials that include Dyneema and X-Pac fabrics and featuring a heavy duty one-handed zipper with a huge pull cord, the pack is claimed to be just 250g for a 4L capacity.

Spurcycle Hip Pack is a simple and ultra light take on the fanny pack

Inside the main pocket, you’ll find four pockets around the perimeter as well as an internal zippered pocket to keep your valuables safe plus a lanyard for your keys. The only storage on the outside of the pack comes in the form of an external shock cord to provide a place to stash bulky items like small jackets, vests, arm/leg warmers, etc.

The Hip Pack is priced at $135, and is available now.



  1. Eric in the 505 on

    And yet…it is still a fanny pack.
    It was a bad look in the 1980’s then, too.
    (At least acid-washed jeans and big hair have stayed gone (for now…))
    : (

  2. J'Anky Teal on

    Does anyone else remember when Mountain Bike (Bicycling’s cousin) held a contest to rename the hip pack? I believe that the winner was “[arse] satchel”
    I proudly ran a purple and teal double bottle version until the advent of the Camelbak.

    • Eric in the 505 on

      I will completely take back my opening comment when someone markets one of these retro-fanny packs and names it an [Arse] Satchel. I’m in 200% in that case!

      Call it that, then shut up and take my money!

  3. preston on

    I like the looks of this – a large simple lumbar pack. Despite dozens of choices its surprisingly hard to find a basic lumbar pack that can carry a lot of stuff without being oriented around water bottles or splitting everything up into 3 or 5 compartments. That being said, I do like to have at least 2 compartments ! Also $135 seems kind of steep for a basic lumbar pack.

  4. toomanypuppies on

    Hard to choose this over a DaKine Hotlaps bag that can be had for about $100 less. And it has plenty of pockets / room to stash the Jacksons you’ll save.

  5. Harold on

    Almost a year later… I bought one of these. Yeah it’s expensive, but it’s also essentially a perfect design: is very comfortable and disappears while wearing it. It’s made out of Dyneema which is both far tougher and far lighter than Cordura. The pack is just the right size. The shock cords are very useful and easy to replace if they ever wear out, the design is low key and the construction quality is essentially flawless. Buy once, cry once.


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