LOOK Cycle announced the T20, a new carbon fiber track bike made to help French athletes succeed at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Compared to the previous R96, it boasts a 25% stiffer bottom bracket, an 11% frame drag reduction, improved geometry, and a weight reduction of 880 grams (that’s not a typo).

LOOK Cycle T20 carbon track bike

LOOK has always been serious about track and aero performance, and they’ve upped the ante leading into the 2020 Tokyo Games. The T20 is an all-new design that improves upon the R96, made by LOOK in France, in partnership with Mitsubishi.

We don’t yet have an exact frameset weight, but LOOK quotes a staggering 880 gram reduction compared to the R96. Stiffness is also up all around, boasting improvements of 25% for the bottom bracket, 12.5% for the rear triangle, and 12% for the head tube.

The bike was developed with both wind tunnel and CFD analysis, said to result in an 11% reduction in bike-only CdA, or a 2% reduction for bike + rider. This translates to 29 watts saved at 75km/h, or a 0.6km/h speed improvement at the same power.

Two versions of the T20 are available – the “Speed” version with drop bars (above)…

…and a “TT” version using LOOK’s Aeroflat TT bar with Aergo extensions. Either configuration is sold as a frame module, including LOOK ZED Track cranks, the Aeropost Track seatpost, and Track Carbon stem (available in lengths from 55 to 140mm in 5mm increments).

Click to enlarge.

The T20 has all-new geometry, made in four sizes.

The T20 is available as a frameset module for €7,499.00. LOOK frames are covered by a lifetime warranty for the original owner if registered within 30 days, covering riders up to 100kg (220.5 lbs).



  1. Antoine Martin on

    interesting stuff from look. ZED crank might be back in some form, aerostem with lots of adjustability, the innovative extensions. They should transfer that to a TT bike and even a more ambitious road bike than 796 Blade which was conservative compared to 796 RS for instance. Also i thought bike were built in morocco, is it because the track bike is a very short run or do they plan to make more bike in france?

    • Greg on

      From another comment section, it sounds like Corima is heavily involved in this bike, which may explain its origin of manufacture.

    • TruckNutZ on

      Look’s specialty bike production is often done in France at their factory. As mentioned, it would also be logistically easier to keep it domestic with Corima’s involvement. I would also expect that they want to keep this bike production close to home before Tokyo… Post Tokyo production could possibly transfer to their factory in Tunisia. The TT bars used in the pursuit setup of this bike are available as a non proprietary 31.8 version available to work open market (only as a complete bar).


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