Coleen is a French company looking to make inroads into the e-bike market with an innovative new design. The frame is decidedly non-traditional – and they are even developing a special paint scheme that’s modeled after the iconic Aston Martin DB4. Coleen bikes are on display at CES, and available for pre-order now.

Coleen hybrid commuter e-bike

E-bikes continue to expand, and especially those with unusual frame designs and high-tech features. Coleen is based in France, and looking to offer a timeless silhouette, long battery life, light weight, and even French manufacturing for the carbon frame and fork. The design is a hybrid-esque commuter bike, using 650b wheels and Schwalbe 2″-wide tires.

The 48 volt system powers a 250W rear hub with 50NM of peak torque, in a package that only adds 2.3 kg to the bike. It also mimics the function of many hybrid cars, using regenerative braking that charges up the battery (note that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such technology in a bike). Complete bike weight clocks in at a claimed 19kg (42lbs).

The 529 Wh removable battery is hidden in the downtube, and charges in 2.5 hours.

A unique stem has an integrated 3.2″ display built right in. Coleen also offers a smartphone app, with geolocation and anti-theft services. The app connects to the in-stem head unit via Bluetooth, offering call and text notifications.

A few different editions are in the works – the most exciting of which is modeled after the beautiful Aston Martin DB4.

Coleen e-bikes are available to pre-order now with a required down payment of €2000 (complete bike prices start at €5,990). The price includes a 30-day return policy, 2-year electronics warranty, and 7-year frame/fork warranty.


  1. Heffe on

    This looks like a much more elegant solution than many of these motorbikes I’ve seen for the mass of upscale commuters forced out of their cars by overcrowding and failing infrastructure.

  2. Lester Binegar on

    Beautiful. I hope I live to see the day where either just owning Ebikes and/or pedal powered bikes (and an Ecar if necc) is what our society decides on.

  3. Tomi on

    It isn’t by any mean lightweight and it seems to put most of the battery weight way up instead of trying to have a low center of gravity.

    I’m also not a big fan of motors in the hub as it makes moving the bike around and bunny hoping more awkward.


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