Silca announced two new bar tapes in their Nastro lineup – claimed as the thickest and thinnest available. Nastro Cuscino is a full 3.5mm thick and made of three layers for maximum cushion. Nastro Aero is a mere 1mm thick, offering high grip for track, triathlon, and time trial bikes. Both are covered under a new crash replacement discount policy, to help you look fresh in the event of an accident.

Silca Nastro Cuscino and Nastro Aero bicycle bar tape

Less than a year after debuting the first two Nastro bar tapes, Silca just doubled the product line. The first two tapes were fairly conventional in thickness (1.85mm and 2.5mm), and differentiated from other tapes with grippy material and a special TPU construction. The latest introductions venture past both ends of the spectrum, catering to customers that want super thick padding OR super thin handlebar grips.

Nastro Cuscino is made from three layers that add up to 3.5mm total. We presume that it’ll be best used for gravel or rough road situations, or anywhere that impact and road shock are an issue.

For colors are available – all selling for $50.

Nastro Aero

Nastro Aero is more of a grip tape set than traditional handlebar tape, selling for $15 per kit. It includes pre-cut pieces of various sizes, all at only 1mm thick.

The grip pieces can be placed wherever you see fit, adding grip to otherwise bare aerobars. Silca says that it offers “the best possible grip in a super-thin package to retain the wind-tunnel tested aerodynamics of track, triathlon and time trial bikes.”

Interestingly, all Nastro tapes are now covered under a new crash replacement discount program for 1 year from date-of-purchase for the original owner. In the event of a crash and damaged tape, Silca offers a $12 discount for replacement tape.


  1. James G Gilbert on

    After getting barely 2000 out of lizard skin tape, I now have silca tape on 3 of my road bikes and absolutely love it. Certain things cost more for a reason, @nd this tape is worth every penny.


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