Do you remember when POC’s founder launched Cake, a brand of mountain bike-inspired electric motorcycles? From the beginning their e-bike to e-moto concept was about reducing emissions and getting outside. Plus, they kept teasing more practical models. Now the new Cake Osa is here, a cross between an e-cargo bike & an e-SUV, and it could be a fun way to ride to the trailhead.

Cake Ösa e-moto/e-bike electric SUV cargo motorcycle

Cake Ösa e-moto/e-bike electric SUV cargo motorcycle, modular Cake Osa multi-use electric motorcycle
c. Cake

This new Cake Osa is even more of an oddball than the original off-road Kalk. To be fair, as a life-long mountain biker & motorcyclist, I loved riding the Kalk. Its $/€13K pricetag would have been a big obstacle for my budget, and it totally wouldn’t replace any bicycles in my garage. But if I were looking at buying a motorcycle, it would have been top on my list. Especially now that its zero-emission, quiet-running has gone silent with new Gates belt drivetrains.

But now this wacky looking new modular Osa starts out at just half the price of the Kalk, with much more versatility. The Osa is still off-road capable, but with the same general motor output & battery capacity, plus an integrated power station and modular accessory mounts, this one is meant to be zero-emission utility vehicle.

Osa – Tech details

Cake Ösa e-moto/e-bike electric SUV cargo motorcycle, modular Cake Osa multi-use electric motorcycle

The heart of the little e-SUV is a modular battery – pick from the base Medium 1.5kWh version or this optional Large 2.5/2.6kWh battery. Either one includes a pair of 5V USB power outputs and a 12V output for more heavy-duty electrical devices.

Cake says that a mobile workbench was the inspiration for the utility of the Osa. And with its optional DC-AC power converter, they see it as a platform for working anywhere you can ride.

Cake Ösa e-moto/e-bike electric SUV cargo motorcycle, modular Cake Osa multi-use electric motorcycle

The backbone of the Osa is a light & strong 6061 aluminum frame, with a large upper gray “uni-bar” toptube that lets you clamp on the desired seats, racks, baskets, etc. to customize it for your needs.

I’m not really sure that bike rack at the top is the best way to transport your mountain bike, as a wheel off version would be much easier to manage I think, and not so crazy tall!

Cake Ösa e-moto/e-bike electric SUV cargo motorcycle, modular Cake Osa multi-use electric motorcycle

The Osa is powered by a max 10kW electric motor that sits low in the frame, and a Gates carbon belt drive that should mean nearly silent operation. Cruising range is over 100km/65mi with the big battery for mixed city riding, or as little as 21km/13mi for highway driving on the small battery. Yes, this throttle-powered thing is much more of a motorcycle than a bicycle!

The e-moto sports 120mm of front suspension and 260mm of rear suspension and rolls on custom 14″ x 4″ dual-sport tires. Like the Kalk, Cake developed almost every component on the Osa to be optimized for the light electric motorcycle application. In the end the final weight comes out to 65kg/143lb, presumably with the smaller 12 kg battery.

Cake Ösa availability & options

Cake Ösa e-moto/e-bike electric SUV cargo motorcycle, modular Cake Osa multi-use electric motorcycle

With the modular Osa your options are limitless. It actually comes in two basic variants: The Ösa Lite starts at $6500€ and gets classified as a moped in most places so that it doesn’t require a special license with a top speed of 30mph (45km/h). The Ösa+ is a bit more at $8500€ with a top speed of 63mph (100km/h) and requiring a proper motorcycle license.

Both versions can be pre-ordered now for March 2020 deliver, then be customized with bigger batteries, a second seat, or any other attachment you need.

You can be anything you want: a sub 24 hour overnighting camper who needs to blend his cocktails, your dad just trying to rebuild a shed, a Swedish rock hopefully who stays electric even off the grid, some trustafarian on a ski trip, or a hipster at the farmer’s market hawking free-range organic kale. An e-motorcycle SUV limited only by your imagination!


  1. With the current state of the worlds “climate” affairs, this is a breathe of fresh air! We need progression and most of all “open minds.” This is genius, and also, not for everybody. But if you want some cooler air in your life, may want to begin considering renewable resources. Sad to see the blunt comments, it’s designed to get to the trail head, not go into the back country.

    • Welcome to late-capitalist environmentalism, wherein we convince ourselves that the amount of resources required to manufacture a $7000 electric motorcycle is the same as the 10 gallons of gas you use per year driving back and forth to local trailheads.

      • So you’re assuming that everyone lives a mile or less from their local trailhead, and on top of that I’m assuming you have a massive sample group of data to pull from at what frequency these travels are made, and an average mpg… Hmmm, please pass whatever you’re smoking my way, I’ve had a tough week. 10/gal per year, my foot dude. You need a serious brush up on mathing my man.

          • If somebody is going to make an absurd comment expect to get called out for it. Why don’t you go referee a pillow fight, Fred…

        • So how many gallons must be saved to offset the cradle to customer manufacturing, transport and selling and charging of this thing, in terms of CO2? Because it is likely not replacing anything but will be an additional purchase.

          • Why can’t it replace a car for inner city transport? I’m seriously considering an e cargo bike. This basically does the same thing.
            Most people will still need a car, but can avoid driving it in the city (where they are least efficient and do the most damage), and maybe don’t need a second car in the household.

  2. Some of you are laughing but I’m pretty sure they are going to sell some units. It’s not for me (I’m working on a rack setup where I just haul a spare wheelset on my mountain bike while riding slick tires to the trailhead), I but I know a few folks where this would be right up their alley.

  3. How is that an e-bike? That sure looks like an electric moto to me. Which is the right kind of moto, IMHO.

    I’d have loved like a Cake, but drivers barely notice motorcycles either so small electric car it was.

  4. a 63 mph throttle-powerd engine and its presented as an ebike….wtf…shouldn’t be long until the claims come in that riding one gets you the same workout as actually riding a real pedalling bike…

  5. You can get a used Nissan Leaf in the USA for less than this with more range. Part of the reason I ride off road is to avoid mixing it up with cars on a road bike. Motorcycles have a much higher death rate than road bicycles because the same mistake you make at 20 mph on a bicycle that will separate your shoulder will kill you at 50mph on a motorcycle.

  6. I like! It could be used to get my bike from my truck and into the park w/o having to pay day use fees. At 7$ a day this thing will pay for itself in no time.

  7. Here’s my input folks… my initial post was in strong favor of this development and technology because as a collective we need to think about the current state of environment affairs. I agree that it is expensive… I also agree with the other sentiments. However, openmindedness is like “ok, I cannot afford this particular model at this price, however there is another ‘like’ model within MY means that I can afford, will work for me and will use. Again, this is “not for everybody.” Get off your armchair commentary and go ride your bike or do something good in this world that helps yourself first and everyone around you. If you’re going to take me down, I regret that you have to. Someone always has something to say… and it’s b/c they want to fight (like I do).

  8. “bike”

    Why wouldn’t you just buy a proper petrol moto?
    Slow day at BR that you’re printing about motorcycles now? There isn’t a single thing on this that I think is shared with a pedal bike.

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