Trek announced the addition of the new Domane+ LT e-road bike to their Project One customization program. The bike uses the compact Fazua Evation internal battery and motor for pedaling assistance, in a package that comes in just under the 30 pound mark.

This announcement doesn’t come as a complete surprise, as Trek hinted at Project One availability at the initial launch. High-tech e-road bikes are certainly aimed at the highest end of the market, so it only makes sense to offer an even higher-end option.

Project One customization will be offered on three levels of the Domane+: the LT, LT 7, and LT 9. Trek’s media release did not include any pricing, so I went to their website to ‘build’ one of my own. The LT 9 carried a base price of $12,500, the LT 7 came in at $9,200, and the LT was listed at $7,000.

That pricing covered the three “base” paint schemes of Gloss Purple Flip, Matte Dnister Black/Gloss Trek Black, and Red Rage / Deep Dark Blue. The special ICON paint options each add an additional $1,000…

“Black Gold”.

“Brushed Liquid Metal”.

“Prismatic Pearl”.


“Molten Marble”.

No photo: “Cosmos” paint scheme.

All options for the new Domane+ LT Project One are available immediately through Trek dealers and the link below.


  1. badbikemechanicx on

    Can we get these paint jobs on non mopeds. Trek- killing it with paint jobs these days. Please bring back the Klein Attitude orange while your at it.


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