TriRig announced the new Scoops aerobar arm cups, an upgrade over their own Ergo cups. The key feature is a massive 200mm+ length and curved sides to give a large surface area contact for your forearms to reduce pressure. They also work with most other aerobars on the market, upgrading your old ride with new touch points.

TriRig Scoops Arm Cups

TriRig makes a variety of aero and triathlon-related products, and just released a new accessory. While their Alpha One aerobar already comes with a good set of arm cups and pads (the Ergo Cups), they wanted to offer something with greatly increased surface area for even better weight distribution.

Two versions are available: Closed-Back (shown above), and an Open-Back style. The Open-Back version works just like a standard arm pad, allowing you to scoot your arms fore and aft. The Closed-Back version angles upward at the rear to create a supportive stopping point for your elbows to rest – made for positions with aggressively up-angled aero extensions (i.e. your hands are much higher than your elbows).

Above: the new Scoops compared to TriRig’s own Ergo cups, and some common competitors.

Scoops include a large grid of mounting holes, to help dial your position in perfectly. Note that the holes are made to accommodate M5 and M6 bolts (which are included), but do not work with bars that require any other bolt size.

TriRig Scoops are available to order now, with a quoted 5-6 week shipping time. Open-Back versions cost $165, while Closed-Back versions sell for $170. Replacement neoprene pads run $30 and $35, respectively.


  1. bielas on

    I don’t think being locked in a position is good for long distance riding. And then why the pads so long? You can already see in the 2 images in article that riders are not touching the whole surface of the pad with their forearm. I can only see sweating more with this extra surface close to forearm, and the cup shape will retain that sweat. And what is the weight? Certainly more than “standard” cups. Yes it is good to have options in the market, but I don’t see the point to this long-pad trend


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