Dreaming of warmer weather and dry trails? Even if you’re not riding yet, winter is a good time to start planning your next build for the coming season. For Revel Bikes, that means clearing out some old inventory for their newest edition of the Rascal – the T1000.

Revel Rascal T1000 may melt your winter blues with new liquid metal paint job

Fans of the Terminator series may recognize T-1000 as the bad guy made from liquid metal who is impervious to damage other than being submerged in a vat of molten metal. If only all bikes were just as durable, right?

Revel Rascal T1000 may melt your winter blues with new liquid metal paint job


Not a fan of the Terminator? Well, the metallic color also draws inspiration from Revel’s sister company, Why Cycles and their line of titanium bikes. Moving forward, the T1000 color will replace the previous Ansel Adams color which was gloss and matte black and grey accents. The Rascal is also available in ‘Alaska’ with dark blue with gold accents. Other than the color, the Rascal remains the same with 130mm of rear CBF travel, a carbon frame, and 29″ wheels.



  1. Why all the hate? The Rascal has been reviewed favorably by all outlets that have ridden it and people seem to love the CBF platform (even hinted at in the comments here). So Revel is simply letting prospective customers know that there are now new choices. So what’s wrong with them announcing this fact?

    People complain that manufacturers release new products and redesigned too often, with too many updates that render their current stuff obsolete. They complain that there are not enough color choices on bikes or that there isn’t a colorway offered that they like. Everybody wants flat black, but then complains that everything looks the same.

    Commenters complain about this ‘not being news’, but in turn, post Instagram pictures of their cat sleeping or the dessert they ate last nite. If you didn’t think it was news, why did you read it? And in turn, why did you take time to comment it wasn’t ‘news’?

    I just don’t get it.

    • The CBF platform is smth that Canfield brother(s) can be proud of I fully agree with you. However not sure what Revel team can be proud of here apart making money on it.. Do you get it?

      • Spending the money to license the suspension, design and produce a series of bikes that received all around favourable reviews first try?
        Unless there is some kind of behind the scenes drama and they screwed the Canfield Bros this strikes me as no different to all the companies that hired Dave Weagle over the years to design them a platform then built bikes around it. Doesn’t seem fair to hate on them for hiring the right people.

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