Remember Spinergy wheels? You know, the brand that was pushing composite spokes back in the late 90’s? Well, the company is still spinning, and now they’re making an aggressive push to get their wheels out there with an all new pricing structure.

Spinergy wheels back in the spotlight with carbon wheels for $999, alloy for just $549That means that their carbon road and gravel wheelsets will sell for just $999, per pair. That’s pretty impressive considering they include custom machined hubs with Hadley Racing aluminum freehubs. Not to mention their PBO spokes and carbon rims with foam cores for vibration damping.

Not into carbon? Spinergy is also offering road, gravel, and MTB wheels with aluminum wheels for only $549 per set. These wheels use aluminum for the rims instead of carbon, but still use the same PBO spokes and custom hubs with sealed Enduro bearings and Hadley freehubs. Of course they’re all tubeless ready and are available in nine different colors of PBO spokes, with multiple hub options, and Shimano/SRAM/Campy 9/10/11 or SRAM XD/XDR freehub bodies.

The wheels are available now with the prices above good in North America. For pricing outside of NA, Spinergy says you should contact your local distributor for pricing.


  1. Marc L on

    I finally got around to riding the GX alloy wheelset myself this winter and it was impressive at $800. They definitely feel quiet in a way that is pretty remarkable on rough roads. They’re probably not especially aero, but there aren’t many wide (24mm inside), light (under 1,500g in 700c) gravel wheelsets around for under a grand, let alone with high-end internals for under $600.

    Full disclosure: we’ve just started spec’ing the GX on our AXS J.Guillem gravel bike builds- but they make a really good case for themselves both on paper and on dirt.

  2. Czechmate on

    Spinergy: please, please do a reboot of the Rev-X. Surely with modern-day carbon technology, you could make them bombproof. Who cares about UCI. The Rev-X are just too cool and too fast to be confined to memories, bike museums and grandpa’s attics. They remind of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Designed and built in the sixties. Still looks futuristic to this very day… and capable of beating any fighter jet in existence as far as speed is concerned.

  3. Tim on

    The aluminum MTB wheels with Hadley freehubs for 549US sound like an amazing deal. There are hubs out there now with more than 72 points of engagement (if I am not mistaken, Hadley hubs have 72 points), but really, after 72 it starts to make less difference.


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