Speedvagen announced their 2019-2020 edition of the Surprise Me paint scheme. With unexpected color combinations, textures, and treatments – it’s some of their best work every year. They also opted to increase the length of availability, rather than using a December 31 cutoff.

Speedvagen 2019-2020 Surprise Me paint scheme

Speedvagen has been catching us by surprise for years, and 2020 continues the trend. With a motto of “No hints. No regrets.”, the program allows Speedvagen artists to create some of their most eye-catching work – which you’re bound to love.

In order to bring great surprises to more people, the program has evolved for 2020. For the last five years, Surprise Me paint schemes have only been available for a short time after the release. Moving forward, there is no more December 31 cutoff date, and each year’s paint job will be available until the day the following year’s scheme is released.

The 2019-2020 paint “gives a nod to garage builds, rat rods, mods, and all things speed.” The paint mixes both matte and gloss finishes, for two distinct flavors.

Even the ENVE hubs are painted to match.

Surprise Me paint is only available on custom bikes. A $1,000 deposit secures your place in line.



  1. I lack sufficient pretense to buy this bike.

    In other words, I’m not pretentious enough to buy this bike.

    (But I am just pretentious enough to let you know.)

    • I possess sufficient pretense to reply.

      In other words, I’m pretentious enough to reply and let you know all about it.

      Maybe this means I qualify for ownership of this bike….

  2. Sales on custom metal bikes will continue to dwindle and one of the pioneers that has been riding this wave for the better part of 15 years is showing the signs of the times slowing down.

    Still good bikes but there are so many too choose from that they really aren’t unique or simply better than what you can pick up on a show room floor from any IBD.

    • Is this your “feeling” or do you have hard #’s to back that statement up? Bicycle sales in general are going down in the USA but I don’t think that custom builders are necessarily getting proportionally less sales.

      It’s not always about the lightest, more aero or quickest steering. As someone who has a custom Independent Fabrications I can tell you that it rides nothing like any off the floor bike I have ever had.

  3. Is it really not possible to order a SV and tell them “paint it whatever you want” at any time of the year? I’d assume they’d do that if requested. I’d assume any custom bike maker would do that if requested at any time.

    • @JBikes – I’m pretty sure you could, but I think the “surprise me” is sold at a reduced price Vs. “paint whatever you want” custom bike and also enters a different order queue.

  4. Are you supposed to ride this bike or hang it on the wall? If you are supposed to ride then expensive paint seem like a waste. If you are gonna hang on a wall and ride 3 times a year then I guess it is great.

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