It’s been far too long since the internet has seen anything as radical and polarizing as the Telsa Cybertruck, so here’s an e-bike! But this isn’t just any e-bike. This is the RLE Apocalypse – an e-bike specifically built for the future owners of Tesla’s steel wedge (and Elon Musk himself, who will apparently receive one of the first bikes for himself). Not only can it be charged from the truck, but it also has a way to carry your flamethrower. Yes, that flamethrower.

Take on the Apocalypse w/ flamethrowers, crossbows & titanium eBikes for the Tesla Cybertruck

And what good is a flamethrower if you have to stop pedaling to use it? This bike apparently has a button on the handlebar that will let you shoot flames behind you as you make your getaway. Assuming you actually get your hands on a flamethrower from The Boring Company, and it’s not completely illegal to mount a remote operated flamethrower to the back of your bike (it probably is).

Can’t find a flamethrower? You’re in luck! You can replace the flamethrower with a “compact, multi-charged crossbow.” No word if you can operate the crossbow from the handlebar as well.Take on the Apocalypse w/ flamethrowers, crossbows & titanium eBikes for the Tesla CybertruckGimmicks aside, the RLE Apocalypse is a pretty interesting e-bike. It’s built with a titanium frame that has a wild piggyback seatpost design. It’s not clear if the design has a purpose, but it appears that the charging port is on the bottom of the top tube/seat tube cluster, so it could be due to the battery housing. It’s also possible those thin plates holding the seatpost to the seat tube have some built in flex for comfort. Or it’s just because it looks bonkers. Either way, it’s an interesting design.

RLE claims their bikes can be made as light as 15kg (33.07lbs) which includes their 250W rear hub motor. While all of their bikes are built using Panasonic 18650 battery cells, the Apocalypse models include another Tesla related feature – a charger. Specifically, a charger to charge the bike while it’s sitting in the bed of a Tesla Cybertruck. As RLE points out – when you find yourself facing the end of the world and your Cybertruck is stuck in gridlock, you’re gonna need this bike as an escape pod.

Well, technically, you’re gonna need these two bikes, because for now RLE is only selling them in pairs – unless you go for the top end. Available only as a pre-order, you can stake your claim for the RLE Apocalypse Base model in a two pack for €9999. You can up the build to the SLX model for €12999, or really go all in for two XT/XTR builds at €14999. The only single build available is the XT/XTR bike which is priced at €9999. Each includes a special “military” paint scheme, the Tesla Cybertruck charger, and the rear rack.

Of course, there are options: add a mock up of The Boring Company Flamethrower for €399. Or a fingerprint recognition system for another €799! Built with 27.5″ wheels, you can upgrade to 29″ for another €500. The bikes do include some free options for the paint colors though. If you order now, the two higher end builds look like they’ll be ready by May, while the Base model won’t be available until June. Still probably earlier than the Cybertruck though.

Take on the Apocalypse w/ flamethrowers, crossbows & titanium eBikes for the Tesla CybertruckTake on the Apocalypse w/ flamethrowers, crossbows & titanium eBikes for the Tesla Cybertruck Take on the Apocalypse w/ flamethrowers, crossbows & titanium eBikes for the Tesla Cybertruck

Looking for something a little less… apocalyptic? RLE has been making e-bikes with their radical frame design in other flavors including urban, plus, and of course gravel bikes. These are actually sold as single bikes with prices starting at €4950.


  1. If there is anything that should be shot into space its these bikes, maybe install some Z cranks beforehand. let extraterrestrials know how bat sh1t crazy we are and they’ll leave us alone.

  2. Its hard to know what to say. This must be one of the absolute worst “outsider” bikes of the last ten years. There is just so much wrong here who knows where to start? The website is horrendous, the pricing is CRAZY, one frame is used for all models, etc. I have a really hard time believing they have sold even a single unit.

  3. [in the bay area think tank full of recent design school grads]

    Let’s think outside the box for a moment…what if the seat-holdy thing wasn’t where it normally goes?

  4. That bike has some interesting features, but it looks like a trainwreck. Now THIS bike actually looks like the truck… BME Brano If I had a Tesla truck I’d want a bike that matches it visually.

  5. This is just more moronic thinking. So in the event of an apocalyptic event, how do you charge the truck, let alone the dumbest bikes ever? Where as a regular bike..never..needs..charging. What a concept!

  6. Just give me a Rivian and a Specialized or something. Real human people that load their bikes into the back of trucks tend to do so from the side (just like people that actually use their truck for work purposes). The cyber truck design has made that nearly impossible. I’d pay good money to see Musk try and load one of those monstrosities into his poorly designed monstrosity.

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