Little hidden cockpit gadget maker & riding safety advocates CloseTheGap shared number of new products with us from the new HideMyMirror that tucks in your bar end to updated options for their signature HideMyBell computer mounts. They even gave us an exclusive taste of an upcoming carbon HideMyBell Raceday SL mount, all to be seen, heard & aware out on the road…

CloseTheGap HideMyMirror road bike bar end mirror

We’ve all seen bar end mirrors before, but working together with French company The Beam, Close The Gap has slightly tweaked the original Corky drop bar mirror to create the Hide My Mirror and bring it to a wider audience.

CloseTheGap HideMyMirror road bike bar end mirror
c. CloseTheGap

Just pop out your normal bar plug and pop in the 25€ locking HideMyMirror plug. The 16g Korean made mirror flips down to offer an adjustable view of what’s coming up behind you at a quick glance. Then, it snaps back shut when not needed or when moving the bike. Simple peace of mind that fits in the end of most drop bars.

CloseTheGap direct mount HideMyBell Fi computer mounts with bells

CloseTheGap direct mount HideMyBell Fi computer mounts with bells

A universal 2-bolt direct-mount Fi version of the Hide My Bell combined cycling computer and bike bell offers a clean setup for many riders with one-piece bar & stem combos for 50€. Now too, Close The Gap has started producing special editions of the Fi mount for other bikes that use their own bolt pattern for attaching accessories.

CloseTheGap direct mount HideMyBell Fi computer mounts with bells

For 60€, the HideMyBell Fi Canyon fits H11 & H36 integrated bars with a curved mounting plate, or the annoyingly similar but different HideMyBell Fi Metron to work with the Vision Metron 5D bar (the latest Metron 5D ACR bar with internal routing works with the standard Fi mount.) Another flat plate adapter fits the Wilier Alabarda bar to the standard Fi in a 65€ combo setup, likely something Close The Gap will continue to expand in response to customer demand.

All of the current HideMyBell mounts/bells are made of strong polymers in the Netherlands, and include the same loud hidden bells. Each one also includes interchangeable mounting plates to fit Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton & Polar cycling computers, as well as a removable  3-prong GoPro style mounting bracket too.

CloseTheGap HideMyBell Raceday SL, lightweight carbon mount prototype

CloseTheGap HideMyBell Raceday SL, lightweight carbon mount prototype

As for that exclusive on a race day edition of the Hide My Bell, Close The Gap sent us only this rendering and some first details. The CloseTheGap HideMyBell Raceday SL mount will be available later this spring and is constructed of UD carbon fiber. It is called a raceday series, because you can keep it on your bike for training, then quickly snap the bell off to race.

With its more modular design for the mount, the standard bell on the underside can be mounted with the lever on either ride or left sides of the mount. And it will be Garmin, Wahoo, Lezyne & Bryton compatible, in addition to removable GoPro attachment. Also hinted beyond this standard 31.8 bar mount version, Fi type direct mount models are expected as well. We’ll update you when we know more, and hope to get an early Raceday SL sample to test out in the coming months.


  1. That fold out mirror is a really cool idea. Is there a version for flat bars? I reckon this would work if the hinge was a ball joint.

    • @IzzyM, the hinge is indeed a ball joint. It doesn’t have totally free movement because of the clamp on the ball, but it likely could be made to work for just about any bar orientation if the inner diameter is between 19-23mm. The ‘aero’ leading wedge would likely interfere with fingers on a MTB grip, though.

  2. I’ve been using the Corky mirror for a year now, it’s works ok but it needs more magnification. I would like to be able to see the cars better before I hear them. I use the italian road bike mirror as well on different bike and cars are visible before I can hear them. I do like the overall design of the Corky mirror very compact and can be folded out of the way.

  3. I don’t understand the “100m view” claim for cars and “40m view” claim for bikes. Are they saying that the mirror isn’t a flat mirror, that it has some optical power? If it’s a flat mirror, the resolution–or how far away you can see things–will be limited by the eye’s resolution. The mirror will constrain the field of view.

    From the images in video, it doesn’t look like there’s any adjustment for changing drag on the ball joint. I wonder how that drag varies over time, if at some point the mirror will begin to get a bit “floppy”. I also wonder if the drag is sufficient to keep the mirror in place over bumpy roads.

  4. @Robin the mirror stays in place when riding over bumpy roads. At high speed there is also no movement. The mirror is curved so there is a wide view with the ‘small’ mirror.
    @Sean there is no difference with the Corky mirror, there is an official partnership between The Beam with the Corky product.

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