BH announced the 2020 Aerolight Disc, a new triathlon and TT bike. With full cockpit and cable integration, it has no exposed wires – adding to the aerodynamic prowess of Kamm-Tail tubing. In addition, it joins other brands with new standards and trends like disc brakes, 12mm thru axles, and 28mm tire clearance.

2020 BH Aerolight Disc tri & time trial bike

While BH makes a wide variety of bikes, they’ve had a lengthy presence in the triathlon scene. The addition of the 2020 Aerolight Disc gets them on board with the latest tech movements, while making continued aerodynamic refinements.

The new frame uses Toray T800 and T500 fibers and Hollow Core Internal Moulding technology, said to optimize weight and stiffness. BH also opted for a BB386 EVO bottom bracket shell, with the intention of keeping pedaling efficiency at a high level.

Flat-mount disc brakes and 12mm thru axles are stock front and rear – with a unique twist. The thru axles have a small lever that slides out of the center to facilitate tightening and loosening.

BH opts for the Vision ACR system, keeping cables and Di2 wires tidy up front.

All models opt for Shimano Di2 shifting, with cranks and wheels as the main spec differences between tiers.

Kamm tail tubing shapes are combined with a unique seat stay arrangement. Not only is there clearance for 28mm tires, but they’re actually spec’ed from the factory.

Four sizes are available, all using 700c wheels.

Models & Spec

Three models will initially be available. Complete bike and frame weights have yet to be released.

The Aerolight Disc 4.0 features Shimano Ultegra Di2 derailleurs, an FSA Gossamer crankset, and Shimano RS370 Disc wheels.

The Aerolight Disc 5.0 features Shimano Ultegra Di2 derailleurs, a Rotor Flow crankset, and BH EVO 50 Disc wheels.

The Aerolight Disc 6.0 features Shimano Dura Ace Di2 derailleurs, an FSA Metron crankset, and Vision Metron 81 Disc wheels

Full pricing is TBD, but we know that the 4.0 model will start at €5,000. The Aerolight Disc will also soon be available in the BH Unique custom program, allowing you to choose from 32 color options and custom components selection.


  1. Manufacturers, please don’t send out press releases unless the full specs are on your website. The specs and geometry table seem to be missing a lot of details. Full specs include the bottom bracket specification and complete geometry tables.

  2. I’ve been waiting for BH to officially unveil this since last year’s Arkea-Samsic rode this at Le Tour! Unfortunately, this and the G8 won’t be in the US market for a few years minimum, which is sad. Not complaining though, just bought a shiny red G7 and an old G4 frame to build up for crit duty, so I don’t have the budget for this awesome TT bike, much less another bike!

    Interesting that they went to the triangular profile seat stays like the G8/7/6 series verses the old bladed stays on the previous Aerolight; wonder if this was more for ride quality than pure aerodynamics. Would make sense for BH. Awesome bike, none-the-less!

      • Who is incapable of answering questions? If you’re speaking of BH USA, that’s because they have such a small office in the US. Their sales department can take a while to get in touch with, but their service/support guy is pretty responsive.

  3. Why should one need to assume which bottom bracket standard they use?

    As for the geometry chart, how about basics such as wheelbase? BH’s geometry chart has 8 measurements. Specialized’s geometry chart for the Venge has 16 measurements.

    • Perhaps because anyone with any knowledge of the BB386EVO standard would know that FSA, BH, and Wilier were the driving forces behind it?

      Could their geo chart be a bit more comprehensive? Sure, but you have enough to see if the bike will fit you, which is perhaps the most important thing. It’s also a TT/tri bike, so I don’t really see how much more info you need. Also, Speshy has like what, how many millions of dollars to throw around? A Venge isn’t a TT bike, and I can say from experience that I’ll keep my G7 over a Venge any day of the week.

      Methinks you doth protest too much, and are being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative, no?

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