Got a Campy EPS 12-speed group but feeling a little left out of the synchro-shift game? SRAM and Shimano have offered versions of sequential shifting that automatically shift the front derailleur as you move through the cassette. Both systems adjust the rear, too, by a shift or two, in order to keep you in the best combo and cadence.

Now you can do that with Campagnolo’s electronic shifting groups, too…

campagnolo MyCampy iOS and android app for controlling your EPS electronic drivetrain shifting

Update your app to v2.4 or later, and update your 12-speed group to their latest firmware (0.2.11 as of this post), and you’ll have the option to turn on Sequential Shift. Then it’ll automatically shift the front derailleur for you as you go up or down the cassette. It shifts at fixed points, based on which chainrings and cassette you have mounted, to provide the most efficient gear ratios.

The app also lets you see diagnostics on your equipment, including mileage and maintenance needs. The system even tracks your shifts, which lets you see how you’re using everything on any segment of your ride, then give you tips to improve. The robots may soon rule us all, but at least we’ll be able to ride faster.

Get the MyCampy app on iOS and Android.


  1. Graeme on

    There was a simpler variation of this, called Shift Assist, in the original MyCampy App, which of course predates both Shimano and SRAM. It works with 11 and 12s.

  2. Tristan on

    Any experience with how EPS presents to Garmin computers as an “electronic drivetrain” ? Does it report battery state, gear ratios, and do that awesome alert before the synchro makes a chainring shift?


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