I’d have to imagine that some times for Wolf Tooth Components, coming up with the idea for a new product is fairly easy.

“Do we make this? No? Will people buy it? OK, then, we’ll make it.”

Then they press a button, and their army of CNC machines spit out perfect parts one by one. OK, OK, so it’s certainly not that easy, but it is certainly faster to go from concept to a finished product when it’s all done under one roof. Products like their new thru axles for road, gravel, and CX forks.

Wolf Tooth thru axles get skinny for skinny tires w/ 12mm option for road & gravel forks

With most of these bikes now running thru axles, and many of those running the smaller 12mm standard, WTC obviously thought it was time to act. The new 12mm thru axles join a number of other options including 15mm front, and multiple 12mm rear thru axles including those with stationary trainer support. Machined in Minnesota from 7075-T6 aluminum axle with a stainless steel washer which reduces friction under the axle head when tightening to increase clamping load and prevent sticking or galling. A 6mm allen head allows for easy installation and removal with a multi-tool.

The new 12mm axles will be available in four thread pitches and lengths:

  • 1.5 x 120mm
  • 1.5 x 125mm
  • 1.0 x 117mm
  • 1.75 x 122mm

These should fit the majority of road, gravel, and cross forks on the market – just make sure you order the right one. Not sure what your fork needs? Check out the handy Front Axle Measurement Guide that WTC provides on their site. Simply print it out at 100%, then lay your current axle over top of the images and you should be able to determine the correct axle fairly easily.

Wolf Tooth thru axles get skinny for skinny tires w/ 12mm option for road & gravel forks

Offered in six different colors, each axle will sell for $39.95 and they are available now.



  1. Only Wolftooth could have the vision to look across an already crowded marketplace and think, “we can copy everyone else only with anodized colours”!!!
    KCNC, RAP, and others have been making these for years, and the Robert’s axles come in many more sizes and options (rack mounts anyone?)

    • Don’t forget that Wolf Tooth also has their own bike line (Otso), and fork/component line (Lithic). It seems entirely reasonable that a company that needs to spec thru axles on their bikes and forks, and has the ability to make their own, would do so. Right? If that’s the case, then why not also make them available to the public if people want to buy them?

      • Oh for sure, I’m just bitter cause I didn’t think of it first! In the context of their continued growth it males sense for sure, now if they could just make some reasonable size narrow-wide chainrings so I dont have to keep buying Chinese made 60t rings!

        Thanks for the reply, I enjoy your writing Zach.

    • I for one welcome our new insect overlords! The more anodized parts the merrier especially if they are MUSA and of good quality!

      I like you would also like to see some larger chainring options for direct mount options that may not be on a mountain bike. I don’t need anything close to 60t as I am don’t have monster quads or any small wheel stuff but I am all for those options existing

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