As the world grapples with how to deal with the coronavirus, or COVID-19, it seems that the future of any large event is uncertain. That includes bicycle trade shows as the organizers of NAHBS (the North American Handmade Bicycle Show) just announced that they will be postponing the event from March 20-23, until August 21-23rd later this year.

Just after NAHBS made their announcement, Frank Yohannan, the President and CEO of the Sea Otter Classic sent out an email stating that they are “carefully monitoring the coronavirus situation.” While the event’s schedule currently remains unchanged for April 16-19, Frank’s message states that they will “make a final decision on our position within a couple of days.”

Update: As of 03/05, the Sea Otter Classic announced that it will be rescheduled though the actual dates have not yet been determined.

Sea Otter Classic Supporters,

After a thorough review of the coronavirus threat, we’ve decided to reschedule April’s Sea Otter Classic.  Additionally, People for Bikes and Sea Otter Classic will reschedule the Bicycle Leadership Conference.

We are coordinating with local authorities to determine the best dates to host the 2020 Sea Otter Classic and Bicycle Leadership Conference.  We anticipate announcing those dates by the middle of next week.

Information regarding registration refunds and rollovers will be posted on our website once the new dates have been finalized.

Thank you again for your understanding and support during these challenging times.


Frank Yohannan

President & CEO

Sea Otter Classic, Inc.

Check out the statements from both NAHBS and the Sea Otter Classic below:


March 3, 2020

To the NAHBS community,

As I sit here watching the news, there is nothing positive about the state of the world in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Its grasp on the planet is ever strengthening as it continues to spread globally, including Europe, Asia, and now here in the USA.

Based on current news reports and travel restrictions, and in talking to many NAHBS exhibitors, media, and partners over the past week, I’ve made the difficult decision to postpone NAHBS and reschedule this year’s show.  As a global show that attracts people from all parts of the world, and in evaluating the current variables and public health risks, I feel this is in everyone’s best interest.

The new dates for NAHBS 2020 are Friday August 21st – Sunday August 23rd at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Move in date for exhibitors will be Thursday August 20th.

Exhibitor booth space purchased for the March 20 – 22 show dates will be carried over to the August 21 – 23 dates. We’ll provide each exhibitor a new contract reflecting new show dates in the coming days. For any one that has any questions or concerns, or that is unable to attend NAHBS 2020 in August, please contact me at or by phone at 502-424-2225.

This was an extremely hard decision to make, as I know we’ve all been preparing throughout the winter and early spring for this gathering of our industry. I understand all of the sacrifices and expenses that have been incurred and understand the inconvenience of this situation for everyone. But my primary priority is to protect the health and safety of our amazing community and feel postponing the show is in our best interest.

I’m praying diligently that everyone in our industry remains safe and healthy, and I look forward to seeing everyone in August. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Don Walker

NAHBS, Founder & President

From the Sea Otter Classic:

Dear Sea Otter Supporters:

We are carefully monitoring the coronavirus situation. We’ve been in discussions with various agencies to determine the best course of action regarding the 2020 Sea Otter Classic. Your health and welfare is our primary concern.

We will make a final decision on our position within a couple of days.  As you can imagine there are many consequences to consider and we appreciate your patience.

Our sympathy goes out to those affected by coronavirus and we extend our gratitude to all health care workers fighting to contain its spread.

Best regards,

Frank Yohannan
President & CEO
Sea Otter Classic, Inc.


  1. Frank on

    This seems like a bit of a drastic move for a “North American” conference, where cases of COVID-19 are still really rare. If anything, the coronavirus will be more rampant by August.

    • Dockboy on

      Cases are rare because the test kits aren’t available. The government is mismanaging the response, and the people aren’t helping. The person diagnosed in NH went to a social function AFTER their diagnosis, what the hell.

    • Adam on

      And yet if they didn’t cancel or postpone these events you would have thousands of people meeting up in 1 spot from all over the world. Travelling through airports, driving, and other public transportation methods could make them more susceptible to contact with this virus and passing it on to other people. and then after that you then have people going back to where they came from and passing it around onto those people.

  2. Robin on

    With possible closures of factories in the Far East (I don’t know if any bike manufacturing factories have closed), the cancelation of races and bike shows, this could be a bad year for the bike industry.

    • Nick on

      They most certainly have, or have been drastically affected…you will see delays in products or see release dates pushed out that were expected in the coming months.


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