BMW have partnered with 3T to bring their clientele “sheer cycling pleasure” in the form of the 3T EXPLORO all-road bike. This is not the first time a car manufacturer has collaborated with a bike manufacturer to make a special build. We saw McLaren partner with Specialized to create a special edition S-WORKS Roubaix. That was one of the more functional outcomes of such collaborations; there have also been some so-called works-of-art to come out of these partnerships, such as the Peugeot Onyx. With its sharp silhouette and precise lines the 3T EXPLORO BMW gravel bike could be considered a bit of both.



Th 3T Exploro BMW is an aerodynamic carbon frame, built up with the world’s lightest carbon aero cranks, the 300g 3T Torno. An exclusive Brooks leather saddle and matching Brooks leather grips make up the contact points. The aero gravel bike rolls on Fulcrum alloy wheels and Schwalbe One Speed tyres. Shimano’s GRX 11-speed group set, designed specifically for gravel riding, rounds the bike off.

BMW say the aero gravel bike “is the best gravel bike available combining performance, luxury and cycling pleasure to our customers”, thus 3T was the natural choice for them. BMW are all about delivering “sheer driving pleasure” to their customers and so they wanted a bike that could deliver “sheer cycling pleasure”. The 3T EXPLORO is that bike.



The 3T Exploro BMW gravel bike is available in grey/grey and grey/blue. No specifics on timing yet, but 3T say both will be available ‘shortly’ at selected BMW dealers and 3T Experience Centers. No price as of yet, either. But as they saying goes, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

bmw gravel bike

It’s not the first time bikes have been used to help sell cars


  1. Spurro Sparro on

    Not even ///M stripes for that… That’s okay, the Mercedes Argon 18 is more my style anyway, with an E63 wagon to tote it around in.

  2. Leo Manso on

    I’m not one to write nasty comments on the internet just because I have the anonymity of being behind a computer screen, but that brown tape is ******* hideous. The grey looks cool.

    • Burke Culligan on

      Brown tape and seat look great together — but not on this modern-y blue on white design, totally out of place. On a more classic looking bike or colorway and it would be sweet

  3. Joe Maki on

    We had a customer in the mid-90s that came in with a Porsche mountain bike. I can’t remember who actually built it.

    • gringo on

      If the Z3 is only ‘modestly better’ than horrible, one must ask oneself about the cunning move to then purchase its succesor.

  4. Scott on

    Solidly nice build (unlike some other car “inspired” bikes out there). And I like the brown. However, badly needs M stripes. I mean, that’s like the whole point of a BMW bike, right? Plus, would actually make a great color combo…


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