Released just a few weeks ago, the Schwinn Axum impressed us with a surprisingly well equipped build. The bike includes 29 x 2.6″ tires, properly wide rims, a 1×8 drivetrain complete with a narrow-wide chainring, disc brakes, and more – all for less than $400. Now, Schwinn has added another version that cranks things up a notch, but still keeps the price under $500.

Insanely affordable 29+ Schwinn Axum DP gains dropper post for less than $500

You might guess by the name, but the Axum DP is equipped with a dropper post. Specifically, it uses a mechanical KS EXA 900i (internal) dropper with 125mm of travel. Maybe more impressive is that the remote is actually a 1x style lever to keep the functionality high.

Insanely affordable 29+ Schwinn Axum DP gains dropper post for less than $500

The prices of dropper posts have dropped substantially over the past few years, but it’s still hard to believe that you can get an entire bike for the price of some of the original high end posts. Priced at $498, the Axum DP just squeaks in under $500, though tax and delivery will take you past that mark. You can avoid the delivery fee though if you agreed to go pick it up at your local Walmart.

Like the original Axum, one of the biggest drawbacks is the limited size range – as in “one size fits all”. This will certainly mean some riders will have a poor fit on the Axum, but riders in the middle of the bell curve should find the 483mm seat tube, and 645mm top tube measurement (horizontally) to work out just fine. The Axum DP won’t be for everyone, but riders looking for the cheapest way into a well equipped mountain bike to give the sport a try, may find this one hard to resist.

For more details on the Axum, check out the original post here.


  1. I’m curious to see how well this will sell. I don’t think most people buying a bike at Walmart will have any idea what to do with a dropper post. I also think that $500 is pushing what people want to spend at Walmart. I can see this being a pretty commonly recommended bike to people approaching riders wanting to get in the sport, but I don’t know how big that market is.

    • with the exposure Schwinn has now from various Youtubers reviewing their new models, I would argue that the buyers of these bikes seek them out, rather than just a casual Walmart shopper. If I had to do it again, I would have gotten a Schwinn and upgraded it, rather than my $1000 hard tail

  2. I’m 65…..still have my 1986 Schwinn Super Sport (still a very lightweight quality road bike)….and my 1985 Schwinn Sierra (Schwinn’s first attempt at a mountain bike, now my primary commuter). While neither is as nice as my Chumba Stella ti off road bikepacking rig, I haven’t the heart to dump them off at Goodwill. As with so many American companies, it was sad to see this bicycling dynasty go the way of the do-do bird. And I appreciate seeing the name brand “getting some love”. I like that gun metal blue, too!

  3. Schwinn have done a great job of making a cheap bike look like a far more expensive bike. I hope this model sells well for them.

  4. If you are old enough to remember riding crappy mountain bikes you know this is better than those, and we still had fun on junk! I am sure this bike will do fine. Good points about the Walmart shopper, (that someone else stated). This could do well in an IBD, but Schwinn probably wont let that happen.

  5. This bike is doing really well. It’s been sold out for the past two weeks. And that’s the model with and without the dropper post.

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