Spanish brake component manufacturer, Galfer, have now made the Disc Wave available in Centre Lock format, in addition to 6-bolt. The discs will be available in 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, and 203mm rotor sizes, to suit both road and mountain bike applications.

Galfer Disc Wave Centre Lock


Galfer’s rotors are made of laser-cut stainless steel. They undergo several processes during their manufacture including hardening, black painting with cataphoresis, final grinding and roughening treatment. Such treatments are said to give rise to powerful, progressive and modular braking.


Galfer have decided to make their fixed brake discs compatible with the Shimano center lock system due to its growth in popularity. Galfer say the center-locking piece is made from high-quality, high-resistance and low weight machined aluminum. Purchase of the disc includes a washer and a ring to fix the disc to the hub.

centre lock disc 203 180 160 mtb

Pricing & Availability

The Center Lock Galfer Disc Wave will be available from April, 2020, in the following models.

  • Road model ø140mm (76g) – 42,00 €
  • Road model ø160mm (98g) – 45,00 €
  • MTB model ø160mm (110g) – 45,00 €
  • MTB model ø180mm (127g) – 47,00 €
  • MTB model ø203mm (157g) – 49,00 €


  1. Good grief I’m tired of assertions and overwrought opinions with no evidence. @STS, what exactly is it that causes you to think the design is poor?

  2. All they have done is include an adapter. They didn’t design a center lock rotor at all. So yeah, in terms of designing a center lock rotor, they did a poor job. Since they didn’t do it.

  3. In defense of the brand, I have used their metallic brake pads and found them to be much quieter with better modulation than the SRAM versions. I like the looks of these rotors and would give them a try.

  4. Ive used Galfer on my mountain bike and all I can say is WOW!!!!
    My Sram Guide brakes start to fail if used on long decents. Once I switched to a Galfer rotor it was like getting new brakes! If your having a hard time stopping, don’t replace the brakes, replace the rotor with a Galfer one.

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