Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong has introduced KX3 components, launching with a forged carbon GPS computer mount. Aimed at the high end, it uses chopped carbon fiber forged into shape, with corrosion-proof titanium hardware to top it off.

The mounts are 100% safe for mounting on carbon handlebars (naturally), and are compatible with Garmin, Wahoo and Bryton cycling computers. Here’s the story…

kx3 carbon fiber cycling computer mount from kristin armstrong

Kristin Armstrong and husband Joe Savola were former owners of K-Edge, which they sold in 2016. Now, they’re re-entering the market with the KX3 X1 mount, which is made via Bulk Molding Compound. Basically, compression molding, which is similar to “forging” except not with metal. The mount is then coated with a UV protective film.

kx3 carbon fiber cycling computer mount from kristin armstrong

The X1 is available in 31.8mm ID clamp size only. Weight is 34g, price is $64.95. Compatible models include Garmin (Edge 130, 500, 510, 520, 530, 820, 830) and Wahoo (ELEMNT BOLT, ELEMNT MINI). So, smaller models, since the mount’s arm is on the short side…for now. Joe told us they’re also working on a longer version that’ll have a GoPro-style mount on the bottom called the X2, and an X3 stem mount version…and TT and top cap mount versions, too!



  1. Isn’t that a k-edge logo?
    There is some cool compression molded carbon stock around, some of it recycled off-cuts from aerospace manufacturing.
    I wonder, are they getting the composite to hold threads or over-molding inserts for all six threads?

  2. Easy ones first! Regarding forged carbon – the process we’re using is most similar to what Callaway and Lamborghini pioneered for use with golf club heads and car parts. With respect to hardware retention, we prototyped and tested threading the carbon, but in the end decided to go with over-molded inserts for the clamp and puck hardware.

    Ahh the logo! This is a long story, but I’ll try to keep it somewhat short. Prior to launching K-edge, Kristin and I started a company called Kristin Armstrong Academy. The K-shield as we like to refer to it was the logo that we designed for this company and when we started K-edge, we “borrowed” this logo from Kristin. The K-shield logo is US Trademarked under Kristin Armstrong Cycling Academy and is in use for everything related to KACA. When we parted ways with K-edge, we obviously retained our full rights to it.

  3. It’s K-Edge’s logo, exactly …. but apparently an old logo, because I am surprised to see K-Edge has a new square shape logo and has ditched the shield. There’s gotta be a founder-split story here we’re missing?

    • “Leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, we stepped away from a company we co-founded that sold computer mounts and other bicycle components made from machined aluminum.”

      Not that juicy, I guess.

  4. Seems like a nice piece of hardware. But also like a bad time to enter the market as bike and components brands are slowly entering that space and K-Edge and Barfly already pretty well established.

    • Hmm, seems like the stem and face-plate alone would be putting a lot more pressure in this area than a small computer mount would. If it’s not safe to use computer mounts on CF or alloy bars, we shouldn’t be using separate bars/stems either, they should all be integrated bar/stem combo.

  5. Kx3=KKK, mathematically. top line thought.

    most people buy one, maybe two computer mounts per bike. you then spend hours and hours and hours looking at that same mount, for years. k-edge splashed OVERT branding on those mounts, burning the image of the ” k shield” into everyone’s memory as an indivisible marque of k-edge, to the point that consumers can handily call it out when it’s merely a tiny stamp in a monochrome substrate. reusing the longstanding logo from a competing brand for an identical product(except for being non-recyclable) is…fascinating.

    kx3 is the brand name, but also the name of a forthcoming specific model. is the stem mount version to be the flagship model, so much so that it deserves such name association?

    i know people will end up buying the hell outta these products, but the points above are all conversations that shop employees and eventual k-edge, i mean kx3, customers will be forced to endure.

  6. Would some kind company make computer mounts for non 31.8 bars,
    not all bars have that 31.8 sleeve, and shimming from 23.8 to 31.8 is

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