Crankbrothers Stamp out Gen 2 flat pedals for the coming riding season. The guys at Crankbrothers quite rightly believe that different size feet benefit from different size pedal platforms. Thus, the Gen 2 Stamp 2 & 3 flat pedals for mountain biking come in two platform sizes, small and large. Both get a more refined aesthetic for 2020, and the Stamp 3 sheds more than a few grams. Here’s a quick introduction.

New Crankbrothers Stamp Flats


The Stamp 2 and Stamp 3 MTB flats feature an industry-standard 10 pins on each side; eight are spread around the edges while two sit in the center of the platform. Their length is adjustable. The main platform of the cheaper Stamp 2 is composed of A380 aluminium, riding on a forged SCM 415 chromoly steel spindle. The small platform footprint measures 100mm x 100mm while the large measures 114mm x 111mm.

OK, so the Gen 2 Crankbrothers Stamp 2 pedal actually gains a few grams over the original 2018 model, now weighing 494g per pair in large, and 439g per pair in small. They retain the same 16mm profile. The shape doesn’t look to be changed much at all, really. The spindle is still short, stopping well short of the full width of the platform, meaning the T15 end cap is well protected from rock strikes. The grid pattern detail from the center of the platform has been replaced by a smooth surface, which will likely help it shed mud more easily.


The Crankbrothers Stamp 3 has undergone more fundamental changes for 2020. The previous forged 6061-T6 Aluminium body has been replaced by a lightweight AM60B Magnesium alloy platform. The Gen 2 has shed grams, and a not insignificant amount, too. The Stamp 3 large and small platforms have the same footprint as the Stamp 2, but weigh a claimed 386g and 351g per pair. That knocks just over 100g per pair off as compared to the original. Not a bad job.

The body material is the only difference between the Crankbrothers Stamp 2 and Stamp 3 pedals. Both serve trail, enduro and downhill mountain bikers. Their platforms spin about a steel spindle on IGUS inboard bearings and double cartridge outboard bearings. The IGUS bearings are said to be highly resistant to wear, low friction and also provide some level of vibration damping too. The outboard bearings were chosen for their corrosion resistance, and ability to cope with high torque at low speeds. An internal seal prevents water and debris entering the pedal, extending its lifetime.

How did Crankbrothers come up with the exact platform sizes for the small and large pedals? By analyzing outsole profiles from the top mountain bike shoe brands. They then optimized the shoe/pedal interface for two ranges of shoe size. The small platform is recommended for shoe sizes 5-10 (US). The large is optimized for US sizes 10-15.

Pricing & Availability


The Stamp 2 retails at $79.99 while the Stamp 3 will set you back a fair bit more at $119.99. Get them in Black or Raw. You’ll have to wait a little while to get your paws on these flats. They are due to launch some time in May. A five year warranty means they could be worth the wait, though. While Just like the Stamp 7 and Stamp 11 flat pedals are serviceable, sadly the Stamp 2 and 3 pedals are fully serviceable. A pedal refresh kit will set you back £21.99. You can also buy fifty 8mm and 10mm replacement pins that come with thread-lock pre-applied for $11.99.


  1. Why wouldn’t they sell the service parts for these? Are they really durable enough to last 5 years?! If so, I’m impressed. If not, hope they’re ready to cover a bunch of warranty claims and then fill up landfills after 5 years when they go bad.

    • Hi Grumpus. It’s been brought to my attention that the Stamp 2 and Stamp 3 pedals are in fact serviceable. A pedal refresh kit costs £21.99. Article updated.

  2. “Fill up landfills”. Lol. Those landfills are just chock full of old pedals. Point taken and accepted though. Make it serviceable!

    • Hello there. It’s been brought to my attention that the Stamp 2 and Stamp 3 pedals are in fact serviceable. A pedal refresh kit costs £21.99. Article updated.

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