Ever grab a gel during a hard effort and struggle to choke it down? Liquid gels can help with that. For whatever reason, liquid gels have been popular in Europe for years, but there have been fewer options here in the states. Along those lines, GU has offered a liquid energy gel in Europe since 2018 – but not here. Until now.

GU Liquid Energy Gels squeeze into the U.S. market for a GU you can gulp

Finally making their U.S. debut, GU Liquid Energy gels offer a similar 100 calorie boost, just in a larger packet (60g vs 32g). That larger size is due to a thinner consistency that is meant to be easily drinkable. While the gels are liquid, GU still recommends drinking 16-30oz of water per hour of activity. Initially, we’ll have access to four new flavors: Lemonade, Coffee (40mg Caffeine), Orange (20mg Caffeine), and Strawberry Banana.

GU Liquid Energy Gels squeeze into the U.S. market for a GU you can gulp

In terms of nutrition, the Liquid Energy Gels are very similar to their standard Energy Gels. You’ll find 95kcal, 23g of dual source carbohydrates, 450g of amino acids, and 0.19g of salt. That last one is a bit misleading since here in the U.S. we include sodium on nutrition labels, but in Europe where this nutrition fact panel was originally designed for, they use “salt”. Salt and sodium are not the same thing, and since sodium only makes up a portion of table salt (sodium chloride), Liquid Energy Gels actually contain 75mg of sodium. Which is 15mg more than their standard gels.

Notably, unlike some other liquid energy gels, GU Liquid Energy Gels contain no artificial sweeteners. Thank you GU. Also, like their other gels, these are Vegan and Gluten Free.

Available now in single packets ($2.00), 8 ct. Mixed boxes ($16), or 12 ct. boxes of single flavors or mixed flavors ($24), you can find GU Liquid Energy Gels for sale on the GU website, your local bike shop, and many other retail outlets including Amazon. Note that right now, 12 ct. boxes are on sale at guenergy.com for $19.20.


  1. “For whatever reason, liquid gels have been popular in Europe for years,”….. curiously, in my 15 years living in Germany & Switzerland, I’ve never seen any sort of Gel that wasn’t exactly like the old-school Gu of the early 00’s. Hmmmm.

  2. I thought they were referring to SIS of Team Sky/Ineos fame. Tried those, but they take up a lot more room in a size xs/s jersey pocket. Although if I had any issues with the regular gels, I’d be really happy about this new stuff.

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