When you think of the classic road bike, what do you picture in your mind? With an OPEN MIN.D, you end up with something with classic road bike lines, but modern performance and fitments. Something OPEN refers to as MINimal Design, or MIN.D.

OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design

OPEN has made their mark on the world of cycling with bikes that can accept large tires and occupy the sort of all road/gravel and true off-road spectrum of bike design, but the company’s founders Andy Kessler & Gerard Vroomen have a deep road cycling background from their time at Cervélo and BMC. While gravel is certainly an exciting new world, they mention that they will always have the road bike bug. So the OPEN MIN.D was sort of the answer to what kind of road bike would they want to ride? It’s hard to beat the classic lines of traditional road bikes, but the final product needed modern pure road performance without sacrificing comfort.

OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design

The resulting bike offers what they refer to as Minimal Design – a light weight, sleek road frame that offers comfort without resorting to “gimmicks”, with a “restrained appearance, that underneath is all business.” OPEN claims that for medium frame only with paint, uncut seat mast, and without metal parts, you can expect a respectable weight of 870g.

OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design

OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design

Running 100 x 12 and 142 x 12 thru Carbon-Ti thru axles at each end, the frame offers clearance for up to 32mm tires on modern, wide rims for added comfort. A BB386EVO pressfit bottom bracket is found, and the frame has provisions for 1x mechanical, 2x mechanical (Shimano only), and Di2, eTap, and EPS drivetrains.

OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design

OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design

Up front, the new R-Turn fork brings their U-Turn fork design to the pure road segment. OPEN’s Smartmount system allows for the use of 160mm rotors without any adapters, meaning the caliper bolts directly to the fork. That means you can’t run 140mm rotors, but OPEN says you should be running 160mm anyway given the better braking performance with minimal weight penalty. The same system is used for the rear brake mount as well.

The full carbon fork uses a tapered steerer with a Cane Creek Integrated IS42/28.6 upper, and OPEN-Custom integrated IS47/38 headset lower headset. With an uncut steerer, the fork has a 335g claimed weight.

OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design

In order to get to the comfort desired for the bike, OPEN opted for an integrated seat mast approach with a vert skinny 25mm diameter. Thanks to the lack of seat post/seat tube overlap, and the thinner profile that extends all the way to the saddle, OPEN claims this design is much better in terms of comfort.

However, you do have to cut it to fit which gives you 15mm of adjustment after the cut. If you adhere to the ‘Measure Once Cut Twice design’ principle, then OPEN offers their MOCT saddle clamp which gives you 15-35mm of adjustment, which may come in handy if you ever want to sell the bike to someone with longer legs. The Ritchey saddle rail clamp includes side plates for standard round and oval carbon rails as well.

Giving it what they refer to as ‘New Road Handling,” the MIN.D geometry started as a steel test mule with adjustable dropouts and headtube angles. Sold in four sizes, most use a 72.5° head tube angle and a 73.5° seat tube angle, 71mm BB drop, and a fit that is somewhere between racer and full comfort road.

OPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal DesignOPEN MIN.D allows for a new take on the classic road bike with Minimal Design

Offered in a single stock Midnight Blue color, the framesets are also available in their popular RTP or Ready To Paint Option – which allows you to create your own custom finish design with a painter of your choice.

OPEN frames usually command a premium price, and this one is no different. The frameset is priced at $3,600 and includes the frame and fork, a headset, seat tube top clamp, rail clamp, thru-axles, 2 RD hangers, 2 MultiStops (Di2, eTap), cable exit stop, noise-reduction foam sleeves, bottle cage bolts, and manual. Available for pre-order now, framesets will begin shipping in July 2020.



  1. > OPEN-Custom integrated IS47/38 headset lower headset.

    Why, why, why does it need a custom lower headset size?

  2. “Cane Greek”
    Sure to be corrected by the time someone sees this comment.
    Also seat tube angles are 72.5, not 73.5, and intended to mate with a zero offset seatpost, or in this case just the topper.
    Also seat mast? Really? I thought we were done with them. Even Trek’s no-cut seat mast is better.

  3. I´m sure the “seat mast top” can be replaced by some carbon reinforcement and imagination.
    Frame tube direct to the saddle cradle, and a thru barrel, some yokes or loops and here we go…
    Luckily i don´t enjoy riding roads, otherwise i would have a problem with those ideas and this frame!

  4. So, thin seat-stays and a short sloping top tube…. they made a comfort/endurance road bike? Nothing wrong with those but I’m a bit curious, what is the market segment here? ppl too rich to be seen riding around on Cube/Meridas?

  5. I lost interest at “seat mast.” Also it says “2x mechanical (Shimano only)” – how is the frame going to know the brand of the parts?

    • My guess is it doesn’t have a stop for the front derailleur housing. Current Shimano road front derailleurs have a built-in stop, if needed.

  6. Mr Vroomen, I think you may have lost your way. Proprietary headset bottom (and thus fork), integrated seat mast, (should be) obsolete BB? Little to be excited for here, but the paint is pretty.

  7. God I was hoping ISMs would die a quiet death, but alas some designer thought this would be how they stand out from the crowd.

    So will this fit 28c tires? Not that I care much, certainly won’t be buying it.

  8. “No gimmicks” and then moments later we get “u-turn fork” with “smartmount technology,” a proprietary headset, integrated seat mast and MOCT clamp availability, ready-to-paint frames available….

    Sounds like a lot of gimmicks. Seriously Open is like the performance gimmick brand. Their website is just gimmick features.

  9. 2x only for Shimano is either the most stupid decsion ever or the most arrogant. Either way, this bike and the design “ethic” are a big fail.

  10. boring bike. Its industrial design looks like a product for a rich fat old person, a boring bold person, with money and knowledge, but just boring. The all colors shades… don’t know man. The cervelos and the upper coul dbe at MOMA, this bike is boring. Look at that tire size, it looks so slow… Would love some of those fat tires, in a 650c bike, or 24″ front for a TT?

    (deleted). This same bike, with a hell more of slooping, a 27.2 long seatpost. Remove the orthopedic rear wishbone from those seat stays. And make the sizing premium with smaller size steps, and huge headtube lengths, for regular people, with no spacers and slammed stems.

    • The pics show the electronic version (AXS) of 2x SRAM Force. What it won’t work with is the mechanical version (Force 22)

  11. It’s probably because the frame only uses full length housing and the newest Shimano front derailleur has a built in housing stop.

  12. How could he go so wrong?
    Looks almost exactly like a Cervélo R5…but the details are just wrong.
    Integrated seatmast?
    Horrible cable ports in the head tube?
    Issues with non-Shimano mechanical drivetrains?
    And all of these “impressive features” at a bargain pricetag of 3,600€ …made in China.

  13. It includes a manual too, glad they use that as a selling point . It also includes a cardboard shipping box I’d imagine and styrofoam or inflated plastic bags to pad it? Does it come with a free shipping label on the box and printed receipt as well!? So much value here

  14. Precisely this. The linkage/cam-action Shimano front derailleurs (FD-5801, plus everything 105 R7000/Ultegra R8000/Dura-Ace R9100) have the built-in cable stop. When the derailleur is mounted on the bike, the cable stop is in the nook between rear tire and back side of the seat tube.

  15. Overpriced, made in China carbon…. there is nothing wrong with Chinese carbon, it makes a great bike. What is wrong is when it costs $3600.00. This frame should sell for $1800… it costs $250 to make… that would be enough margin. For $3600 you could get a made in America, CUSTOM geometry, titanium frameset or a complete CUSTOM steel bike… Does anyone really believe the carbon is a better deal?

    • OPEN is a Swiss company, I’m not sure why they would want to manufacture in the US.
      Also, how do you know the frame only costs $250 to manufacture? (No sarcasm, just genuine question)

      • Every carbon frame costs about $250 or so make. The same companies that make the big brands are selling frames under their own name on Aliexpress and Ebay and DHgate for $350-$1000… which are every bit as good as the ones from the big brands and they are certainly making a profit on them, do the math… Again, this bike is fine bike but $3600 for the frameset is a HORRIBLE price. You could choose from a number of CUSTOM builders in the US or UK or AU for this price.

  16. I like the concept! So much so that i just ordered one. I had a couple Time with ISP, and I found it to be very effective providing compliant in the rear. One of my favorite bikes is the Cervelo R5, and this one has almost identical geometry except the slightly higher stack height and more tire clearance.

  17. Integrated seatmasts are stupid. I rode a Giant Defy with one for a few years and loved the bike except for the seatmast. Not to mention that this frame is horribly overpriced.

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