Not ready to plunk down for a custom camper van of your own? Try one out with A-Lodge’s new custom Sprinter Adventure Vehicles rental program. They’re modular, so you can tell them what type of trip and activities you’re planning, then they’ll set it up just for you. Whether it’s just camping, or you’re going mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, or whatever else, they’ll dial in the van just for you. Here’s how it works…

A-Lodge Adventure Vans rentals program

a-lodge rental camper vans built on titan vans custom mercedes sprinter vans

A-Lodge started out (and still is) a lodging and guided experience company based in Boulder, CO. You can book just about any outdoor activity through them, then come back to a rather nice lodge to relax afterward.

Now they’re letting you choose your own adventure location with custom Mercedes Sprinter camper vans built by Titan Van. All of the vans are 2017 or newer, and come equipped with a basic kitchen pod, heater, swivel front seats, and platform bed.

a-lodge rental camper vans built on titan vans custom mercedes sprinter vans

The “Explorer” is the base package and comes with an induction stove with pots and pans, mini-fridge, 20 gallon water tank with sink and outdoor shower, a queen size foldable bed, inside heat, solar power, interior lighting, and extra storage.

Request the “Cyclist” package and it adds two bike racks under the bed and a workstand attachment on the inside of the rear doors. The “Shredder” replaces bike racks with ski and board racks under the bed.

How much does it cost to rent a custom Sprinter camper van?

a-lodge rental camper vans built on titan vans custom mercedes sprinter vans

A-Lodge’s rentals with bike setup run $199 per night and sleep two adults. The price includes one campground night at their Boulder basecamp, nationwide roadside assistance, and a 100 mile per day allowance. Additional mileage is billed at $0.35 per mile.

You can add on things like a cassette toilet, pop-up roof tent, inflatable SUP, pet bedding, human bedding, hammocks and camp chairs, or a regular ground tent, too. Check them out at

Try it, don’t buy it

As an RV owner, I can tell you first hand, sometimes it’s better to rent. If you’re not going to use it year ’round, the costs of ownership, storage and maintenance simply aren’t worth it. Unless you’re going to be renting it out through something like Outdoorsy, let the vehicle remain someone else’s problem.

The nice thing about camper vans and adventure vehicles built on the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit chassis are that they’re easy to drive on a daily basis, so they can substitute for a normal car in most cases. Albeit one you could live out of in a pinch. Which is comforting when the world gets a little crazy.

We rounded up a ton more camper van rental options in a prior Vanlife post, check out all of those for more options.


  1. Definitely no value here. You could rent a van and still stay in a decent hotel for $200 a night. Or save a ton of money by renting a normal sprinter and just camping.

    #vanlife seems cool and all, but it looks like you’re just buying an idea. Portlandia had a pretty funny sketch on this.

    • There’s not always a hotel near remote areas. Heck sometimes in urban areas. For example I have to stay in Wichita for the DK200 because there are no hotels or BnBs available in a 100 mile radius.

  2. DR Sheldo; I think you are missing the point of the adventure. And I would much rather stay in a conversion van than a hotel/motel “off the grid” any day. And I think that’s the point, especially as a mountain biker.

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