Granite Design have added another stashable tool to their collection of every day carry items. The Granite Design Talon doubles up as a chain tool for quick-link removal and fixing, and a pair of tire levers. It weighs a claimed 40g, just 1.5g heavier than the conceptually equivalent pack-pliers tool from Wolf Tooth Components. It compares favorably on price however, at just $11.99 USD. Here are the facts.

Granite Design Talon Quick-Link Tool & Tire Lever Combo

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The Granite Design Talon quick-link tire lever combo tool measures 130 mm x 19 mm x 8 mm

You don’t always need a specific tool to remove and connect the quick-link in your chain. It differs between chain manufacturers and the “speed” of the chain too. Some can be separated and rejoined by hand. Others might need a needle nose pliers, but i’m not sure I’d want to carry one of those on my rides. So, check the requirements for your drivetrain before forking out for one of these.


The Granite Design Talon is a two-piece design combination tool. Used individually as tire levers, the two-pieces clip together to form a tool for breaking and fixing quick-links on chains.

The levers are made of fiber-reinforced nylon, so should be strong enough to unseat stiff tires but safe enough to use with your expensive carbon rims. The tips for removing and fixing quick-links are made of stainless steel.



The Granite Design Talon can also house a spare quick-link so you’re never left in a jam. The tool works with 9-12 speed quick-links. 

trailside repair essentials everyday carry frame strap​The new tool rounds out Granite Design’s collection of everyday carry items for basic trail-side repairs. Store it securely on your frame with their Rockband frame strap, along with a tube, CO2 Canister and CO2 inflator head and go pack-less. 

Pricing & Availability


The new Granite Design Talon quick-link and tire lever tool is available now from Granite Design dealers, retailing at $11.99 USD.


  1. Exelent Tool ?But how Will you Remote the Old brokken chain link? Cannot se how this Tool Will helt me, and i end op with just another Tool with me to Remote that.

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