We recorded this episode in the run up to the weekend originally set to host Round 4 of the World Cup Downhill at Fort William, Scotland. Fort Bill, as it is affectionately known, has been a permanent fixture on the World Cup Circuit since 2002. Aonach Mor is as famous for its unruly weather as it is the vast and ever enthusiastic crowds it draws year on year. Sadly, global events have halted proceedings and the Fort William round is cancelled.

Never fear. To keep stoke levels high, we’re bringing a slice of Fort William Downhill World Cup history straight to the comfort of your own home. Our guest needs little introduction but here’s one anyway. Junior World Champion of 2013, she has raced the Fort William track no fewer than 13 times over the last 8 years, taking the win in 2018 to a euphoric home crowd.

We catch up with Tahnée Seagrave as she recovers from injury at her home in North Wales. Here’s how things are going for the pocket-rocket set to inspire a generation. Huge thanks to Red Bull UK for helping set up the interview!


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