Vitus bikes has a new one for the little ones, a killer-looking new Smoothly balance bike featuring a smooth, swooping magnesium frame. Designed to be a premium lightweight balance bike to get the next generation of riders hooked on two wheels, Vitus says that makes it “arguably one of the most important bikes in the Vitus range.”

Vitus Smoothly 12″ magnesium kids’ balance bike

Vitus Smoothly balance bike, premium 12inch magnesium kids balance push bike

The Smoothly is a 12″ wheeled balance bike with some cool, premium features. The cast magnesium frame & fork are unique, and allow for a low-slung frame and low center of gravity that should be easy to manage for kids with an inseam from 33-44cm (13-17″) – and the always important easy-carry handle since parents are going to end up lugging it around. Plus, the frame gets an integrated set of footrests in the bashguard bolted onto the base of the frame.

Vitus Smoothly balance bike, premium 12inch magnesium kids balance push bike

And while many balance bikes get bottom of the barrel spec, this one gets a threadless headset with enough steerer to adjust the stem & alloy bar height 20mm, plus 12″ 12-spoke radially-laced alloy wheels and big 2.1″ wide CST Ironkid pneumatic tires. It has soft, small diameter rubber grips with flanges to keep kiddos from losing hold, plus a scooped padded seat for a secure perch on top the adjustable alloy post. The whole thing is said to weigh just 3.2kg (7.05lb), making easy for small riders to manage.

Smoothly – Pricing & availability

Vitus Smoothly balance bike, premium 12inch magnesium kids balance push bike

Like all the rest of Vitus’ consumer-direct bikes, you can pick one of these puppies up from their parent companies direct-to-consumer online retailers: either Chain Reaction Cycles or Wiggle.

Vitus Smoothly balance bike, premium 12inch magnesium kids balance push bike

The £90 / 100€ Vitus Smoothly comes in one size but six different colors to suit any toddler grom’s style: red, white, blue, mint, yellow, or silver. It’s about twice the price of Vitus’ older 10″ wheeled Nippy. But the new low frame fits the same smallest kids and now bigger ones too, plus the better rollover of bigger wheels. Be worried parents, these little wagon-wheel rippers are going to want a 29er in no time!


    • That is nothing compared to the destructive power of aluminum and water. Good thing that the conditions to create both of these disasters wont happen on a bike frame made of these metals.

      • Hamjam has never seen a magnesium fire in a bike factory.
        i am not worried about the kid, I understand basic chemistry, but manufacturing that shit is quite risky.

        • Good think all the suspension forks on the market don’t use magnesium for the lowers! That would be bad if they did. /s

    • It’s a feature; shave some of the frame to make a potential life-saving firestarter 🙂

      Haven’t many suspension forks used magnesium without issue for decades?

  1. These bikes look great, but the lack of a proper brake is a bit off putting. The whole point of a balance bike is being a safe gateway to a pedal bicycle. Being familiar with braking is very useful when getting on a bicycle the first time.

  2. If you don’t count the handful of magnesium fires that have happend in various bike component factories over the past 25 years as ‘issues’ then yeah….no issue.

    But yeah, I suppose you could sell that as a feature to some doomsday prepper.

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