Coming this Fall is EVOC’s new offering of back protector for MTB and Snow Sports; the EVOC Liteshield PLUS Protector. Updating the Liteshield Back Protector, EVOC have altered the design to accommodate segmented plus-shapes. Still weighing a svelte 168 g is a lightweight, flexible, ergonomic back protector tested for spine protection at level 2 (EN 1621-2) standards. Here’s what we know.

EVOC Liteshield PLUS Back Protector


The EVOC Liteshield Back Protector has been a major selling point of EVOC’s mountain bike and snow sports packs for years. It is lightweight, slim, and essentially invisible to the wearer in terms of comfort. Now, EVOC have updated it with a new segmented “plus” shaped design that interfaces with the rider’s back.

Why change something that works perfectly well? After-all, there’s no weight benefit to the new back protector. It is in fact 4 g heavier than the original Liteshield, weighing in at 168 g.

new evoc spine protection tested to level 2 safety standards snow sports mountain biking

EVOC say the segmented arrangement improves the back protector’s flexibility in all directions: the plus shaped protector elements can move independently. This means they should adapt to all movements so the protector can remain as close to the spine as possible, providing increased protection and comfort.

They also reckon the new design of the EVOC Liteshield Plus creates a multitude of ventilation channels for maximum air circulation to to keep you cool and well-protected at the same time.

How well-protected?

evoc liteshield plus back protector is flexible ergonomic ventialted spine protection for extreme sport

The new EVOC Liteshield Plus Back Protector is tested to EN 1621-2 safety standards. What does that mean? It means, when a 5 kg weight is dropped onto it from 1 meter, the residual force value measured is below 9 kN.

In this case, the force averages 8.23 kN, so 95% of the impact force is absorbed. It also meets the German TUV and GS safety standards.

What’s the EVOC Liteshield Plus made of?

The EVOC Liteshield Plus is a two-component sandwich construction consisting of expanded polypropylene (EPP) and a TPU carrier layer. EPP pellets are formed under high pressure and steam and simultaneously bonded with the carrier layer.

new evoc spine protecttion for downhill enduro mountain biking

The resulting highly-compressed EPP foam is preformed. This is said to ensure optimal protection of the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine and even the sacrum.

“For me, the EVOC Liteshield Plus Protector is the logical advancement of the EVOC Liteshield Protector with the new material that offers improved impact absorption properties and the combination of flexibility and stability provided by the innovative manufacturing process. This process also enables us to avoid the use of solvents which makes it more skin friendly,“ says Tobias Reischle, product manager and industrial designer at EVOC.

Pricing & Availability


The new back protector will be part of EVOC’s as-yet unreleased 2020/2021 snow sports protection collection this coming Fall. Mountain bikers will have to wait until Summer 2021 to see new EVOC Protection products fitted with the Liteshield Plus. It will be available in S/M and L/XL size options.

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