What does it take to land a trick that’s never been done before? You know, the one where you do it with a child trailer attached to your bike? In this episode of the Danny MacAskill Archive, we find out that it took six months to move from concept to dirt.

Like many of the unbelievable tricks you see Danny pull off in polished riding clips, there’s often a much longer back story to each, with countless, punishing attempts to land it for the camera.

But the final product is usually worth it – and in the case of Danny’s videos, it’s often unforgettable.

Missed the first Danny MacAskill Archive video? Check it out below.



  1. Reminds me of both Rodney Mullen coming up with crazy tricks like the casper slide (which most pros don’t even bother trying these days) and Tony Hawk and his insane corkscrew ramps (which also don’t invite much imitation).

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