If you want to buy a Specialized bike, you’ll still have to go into your local Specialized dealer. But starting today, Specialized Gear & Apparel is available online.

Specialized Gear & Apparel now available online through Backcountry & Competitive Cyclist

The shift is headlined by Backcountry.com and their cycling specific site, CompetitiveCyclist.com landing the ability to sell Specialized gear over the web. Note that this only applies to things like helmets, shoets, tires, Roval wheels, saddles, apparel, components, and accessories. It does not include frames or complete bikes.

While a major online retailer picking up the brand is huge news, BicycleRetailer.com is reporting that the change could benefit current Specialized dealers as well. According to the email obtained by BRAIN, “all Specialized dealers can now sell equipment and frames online and that Specialized has invested in more omnichannel tools for its retailers, including lead generation, enhanced store pick-up and drop-ship programs, a home delivery pilot program for dealers, and website providers partnerships.”

Note that this seems to indicate that current retailers will be allowed to sell frames online, while Backcountry and Competitive Cyclist cannot. Regardless, it seems to confirm that Specialized is acknowledging a shift in consumer buying preferences while also trying to get their gear and component lines out to a larger audience.



    • Mark on

      There might be a price break for the stores with higher volumes, but they all still have to adhere to Specialized’s MAP- minimum advertised price. So, for the consumer, the prices aren’t any lower online unless their LBS has prices marked up over MAP.

  1. Hank Campbell on

    I already commented on twitter that these are two companies with a history of lawsuits against smaller companies for trademark and copyright infringement. While I believe it’s important to protect your IP, many of these lawsuits seemed aimed to just push competition out of the market. They are big companies and with deep pockets. So we’ll see, I guess.

  2. Nick on

    Spec stuff has been at Jenson for months now–I’ve picked up small items that the LBS didn’t have/stock. Curious why this deal has been just a newsmaker–I’m guessing CC and BC have more reach? For me, Jenson’s my first stop.

  3. Dinger on

    That will run counter to Backcountry.com’s history as a discount merchant. If the volume running through there becomes great enough, they’ll be telling Specialized what to do, not the other way around.


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